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Caseload Management
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Therapy Sticker Chart posted 7/12/06
Speech Sticker Chart

Information for Parents
Posted 7/25/06

Parent Information Form

Speech Rules Poster
Created by Melody. Posted 2/16/07.
Speech Rules Posters

Speech/Language Referral Form
for teachers. From Rebecca Boyer. Posted 10/29/06.
Referral Solicitation

Phonology Record Chart for Speech Folders
From Emily in Iowa. Posted 1/9/06.
Folder Phono Records

Labels for Session Notes.
Print on Avery 8160 (1x2.63 size) labels. Peel off the label for each student and place on their log sheet, which could be the blank template. From Kelli R. and Deb M in Iowa. Posted 1/9/06.
Therapy Labels.doc

Labels Blank Template2.doc

Graphing Tool for Hodson's Phonology
Requires Excel software. Record student performance. Graph will be created. Posted 1/15/06.

Articulation Assignments
Print on Avery 8160 labels. Peel off the label for each student and place on their speech folder for a quick homework assignment. From Sue in Iowa. Posted 1/25/06.
Artic Assignments

SLP/Teacher Communication Forms

Class Comm Assessment

Teacher Collaboration Form

Student Self-Evaluation Checklists
for listening behaviors, social communication, written language, fluency

Listening Checklist

Social Communication Checklist

Written Language Checklist

Fluency1 Speak Slowly

Fluency2 One Word

Fluency 3 Breathing

Fluency 4 Gentle Voice

Fluency 5 Gentle Touch

Fluency 6 Keep Moving

Fluency 7 Speech Helpers

Listening and Speaking Cues Checklist.

An aid for support staf, parents, tutors to help them monitor their own speech and listening when working with students.
Listening and Speaking Cues

Blocker Pages
for game-making

Blocker Page Directions

Blocker Page1

Blocker Page2

Progress Log Pages for Speech and Language

Progress Notes Instructions

Progress Notes1

Progress Notes2

Speech Folder Form
to inform students and parents of therapist's name, schedule, and therapy goals. Posted 9/12/05.
Speech Intro

Holiday Time-Savers
Print and save these Holiday Certificates and Thank You notes for use year 'round.

Holiday Certificate

Thank you Note

Homework Pass

Homework Pass

Speech Room Poster
to welcome students, teachers, and parents into your therapy room

Speech Room Poster

Speech Homework Reminder

Speech Homework Description

Speech Homework Reminder

Speech/Language Folder and Portfolio Cover Pages
by Amy Stalletti, BCIU #22


Speech Portfolio1

Speech Portfolio2

Speech Portfolio3

Speech Portfolio4

Classroom Cues for Inclusion Students


Class Cues

Speech Class Pledge
Joan Altimore uses this at the beginning of each session to remind students they are responsible for their own progress. A copy of the pledge is also in their speech folder.
Speech Class Pledge

Classroom Procedures Poster
Hand out individual copies or blow up to poster size. From Jamie Rieger. Posted 7/19/07.
Classroom Procedures

Who to Refer Handout
for teachers from Michele Burton, BCIU #22, to inform teachers about the role of the SLP and types of students the SLP can treat. Posted 8/27/07.
Who to Refer

Classroom Rules Poster
to reinforce good behavior. From Indira Morales. Posted 10/14/07.
Classroom Rules

Speech Points
Use this reward system with secondary students. During each session students receive points for participating, following directions, etc. Students record points in columns, and add up at the end of the session. Once they reach 500 pts, they earn a free homework pass. Add additional prizes at various levels. Created by Abby Chibnik. Posted 11/3/07.

Speech Time Reminders
to promote independence in coming to therapy. Posted 12/2/07.
Speech Time description

Speech Time reminders

Speech Development Norms Handouts

to show parents graphically when sounds are expected to be acquired. Submitted by Amy Goodrich. Posted 1/9/08.

Iowa Nebraska Norms Male

Iowa Nebraska Norms Female

Folder Theme Labels
to organize speech therapy materials.  Print on an Avery label formatted sheet (30 labels per page) for easy use. By Summer Bell Tucker.  Posted 3/19/08.
Folder Theme Labels
Folder Theme Labels2

Great Speech News to promote carryover of skills in the classroom. By Pat Mervine. Posted 3/19/08.
Great Speech News

Questionnaire for S/L Referral
Created by JoAnne Tully.  Posted 6/5/08.
Questionnaire for S/L Referral

Speech Clocks to notify students and teachers of therapy sessions.  Contributed by Michele Burton, BCIU #22.  Posted 8/30/08.
Speech Clocks Directions
Speech Clocks

IEP Dates Calendars to keep track of IEPs and Reevaluation Date throughout the year.  Posted 8/30/08.
Semester 1 chart
Semester 2 chart
Data Sheet for a 9 week semester. Created by Leslie Jerger.  Posted 9/28/08.
Data Sheet
Eval Chart for keeping track of timelines. By Amy Staletti, BCIU #22.  Posted 9/28/08.
Eval Chart

Good Speech Chart (blank & example for December).  These can be used for reinforcing self monitored speech in the classroom.  The teacher can put a smiley face twice a day for the times the student uses good speech.  The month can be written in the squares on the sides with pictures to illustrate.  The dates can be written in the upper right corner of each day on the calendar.
Good Speech Chart

Good Speech Chart (Dec)
Labels for Homework and Parent Feedback with Parent Letter (Word documents).  Created by Paula Townsend.  Posted 1/25/09. 
Homework Labels
Homeworkd Parent Letter
Speech Class Rules by Sherri Hudson.  Posted 1/25/09.
Speech Class Rules1
Speech Class Rules2
Speech Class Explanation
Caseload Management Materials Created by Megan Hojnacki.  Posted 3/29/09.

Speech Canceled
Speech Pass
Testing in Progress
S/L Therapy Note to Home to inform parents as to what the student did in therapy and what homework is to be done.  Created by Michele Burton, BCIU #22.  Posted 3/31/09.
Home Note
Sample SLP Schedule Created in Excel by Chris Neveux.  Posted 6/8/09.
Sample SLP Schedule
Rules for Speech Class Created by Jennifer Kupchik.  Posted 9/13/09.
Speech Room Rules
Great Start Letter An intro letter to parents to give number, days the child receives speech, and a heads-up for their IEP dates. -- a Word doc that can be personalized.  Created by Molly Fitzgerald.  Posted 10/15/09.
Great Start SOS
Materials for Caseload Management
by Jessica D.  Posted 5/6/10.
Teacher Goal Input
Teacher Verification Review

RtI Multicultural Interview

RtI Classroom Language Checklist
Master Schedule

Articulation Screening Review
Speech Rules

Speech Poster First Then
Speech Contract by Brianne Ruhnke. Posted 5/6/10.
Speech Contract
Accommodations Request Form To elicit effective strategies and accommodations from students. Created by Amy Werrett. Posted 6/23/10.
Accommodations Request Form
Bring a Friend To Speech Letter by Mary Ellen Legg.  Posted 6/23/10.
Bring a Friend to Speech Letter
Early Childhood Materials by Jessica D. Posted 10/10/10.

Early Childhood Case History
3 yr language sample
4 yr language sample
5 yr language sample
School Age Materials by Jessica D. Posted 10/10/10.
Sound Improvement Class Letters
Teacher IEP Notification

Speech Observation Form Submitted by Crystal Sanford. Posted 10/10/10.
Student Observation Form
Effect of Speech/Language Disorders on Academic Performance  Posted 9/1/11.
Effect of Speech/Lang
Teacher Referral Form  Created by Sheila Seal.  Posted 10/16/11.
Teacher Referral Form
Percentage Calculator Reference Chart X axis is the number of trials, Y axis is the number of correct responses.  Created by Viola Lohr.
Percentage Reference Chart

Thank you Note to Student Teacher  Created by Kelly Smith-Vernon.  Posted 2/17/13. Thank you note/Student Teacher
Speech Fridge Reminder   Here is a little page you can send home the day they start working on a new sound. Parents can post it on the fridge for a daily visual reminder of their child’s target sound and the cues they can give them to get good productions at home. Created by Amanada Schroeder. Posted 11/7/13.   
Speech Fridge Reminder
Speech/Language Consulting Documentation Created by Sarah Rooney.  Posted 11/7/13.
S/L Consulting Documentation

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