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Many materials were created with Picture Communication Symbols© and Boardmaker© from Mayer-Johnson Company. Speaking of Speech.com has permission from Mayer-Johnson Co. to post these materials and expects all users to honor this agreement and their copyright.

The Picture Communication Symbols ©Copyright 1981-2005 by Mayer-Johnson LLC.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission.

Functional Sequence Activities by Cheryl Todd. For students who benefit from visual supports, these materials can also be used as communication boards during the activity. Posted 12/4/06.

Making Chocolate Milk

Making Kool-ade

Making Strawberry Milk

Kool-aid Sequencing

Holiday Hats Treat A recipe and follow-up activity that can be adapted for various holidays. Requires microwave or oven. From Danielle Prohaska. Posted 12/20/06.

Holiday Hats Recipe

Holiday Hats Questions

Edible SpongeBobs Kids will love this picture/text recipe. Posted 11/3/05.

SpongeBob Recipe1

SpongeBob Recipe2

SpongeBob Recipe3

SpongeBob Recipe4

SpongeBob Recipe5

SpongeBob Recipe6

SpongeBob Recipe7

Dining Out / Cooking In Letter for Parents with info about making dining and cooking more pleasurable experiences for all. Posted 11/8/05.
Dining Cooking Info

Symbol Recipes Created by Alyssa Preddie-Allen, Kari Myers, Paula Paul, and Karen Murray.

Apple Crisp

Apple Sandwich




Peanut Butter





Seasonal and Thematic Picture Recipes
from Jennifer Krabbe. Posted 12/2/07.

Applesauce Parfaits

Carmel Puff Corn

Christmas Scones

Christmas Wreaths


Dinosaur Bones

Easter Bird Nests

Frog Floats

Golfer Grahams


Halloween Pudding


No Bake Cookies

Oreo Spiders

Popcorn Balls

Pumpkin Fluff

Puppy Chow

RiceKrispie Snowmen

RiceKrispie Footballs


Shamrock Biscuits

Teddy Bear Sundaes

Valentine Punch

Valentine Rollups

Making Rice with a Microwave Rice Cooker by June Cabal.  Posted 7/23/08.
Cooking Rice
Fruit Smoothie Recipe by Amy Staletti, BCIU #22. Posted 9/28/08.
Fruit Smoothie1
Fruit Smoothie2

Pancakes Recipe and Follow-up
by Colleen Bateson.  Posted 11/4/08.
Owl Snack Recipe contributed by Rebecca Jimenez.  Posted 11/21/08. 
 Owl Recipe

Oatmeal Recipe by Heather Welling.  Posted 11/21/08.


Rootbeer Floats
by Heather Welling.  Posted 11/21/08.

Rootbeer Floats1
Rootbeer Floats2

2-4 Step Recipes created by Kylee Williamson.  Posted 11/21/08.

Cheese Pizza
Chocolate Milk
Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows
Snowdrift Pie
Sticky Spiders
Ants on a Log

Stone Soup Recipe  Use with the book “Stone Soup”.  The soup can be made in a crock pot if you don’t have kitchen facilities available. Submitted by Gillien B. Oliver.  Posted 1/25/09.
 Ms. O's Stone Soup
Corncopia Recipe
This is a lot of fun, easy to do and teaches a variety of categories.  By Gillien B. Oliver.  Posted 1/25/09.
 Cornucopia Recipe
Apple Turnovers Submitted by Lisa Dandrea. Posted 3/15/09.

Apple Turnover1
Apple Turnover2
Chocolate Lab - taste testing and describing.  Created by Megan Hajnacki.  Posted 3/29/09.
Chocolate Lab
Chocolate Pretzels Submitted by Mary Pat Spadaford.   Posted 5/18/09.
Turkey Cupcakes  Created by Julie Pollard.  Posted 12/14/09.
Turkey Cupcake1
Turkey Cupcake2
Snowman Soup Created by Mary Haymaker.  Posted 2/15/10.
Snowman Soup
Recipes by Melissa Hall. Note:  Flubber and Applesauce Ornaments are NOT edible!  Posted 4/16/11.
Pumpkin Bread

Peeps S'mores by Jennifer Guyer.  Posted 4/10/12.
Peeps S'mores Recipe

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