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PLEASE NOTE: These free materials were generously contributed by the owner of the site and many site visitors. They are for educational use only and may NOT be reproduced or distributed by any person, institution, or commercial entity for distribution in any form beyond the use with one's own caseload without written permission from Pat Mervine at pat@speakingofspeech.com.

You can use the materials posted below even if you don't yet have BOARDMAKER. These materials have been converted to PDF so that everyone can use them--MAC or WINDOWS. All you need is ADOBE ACROBAT READER. If you don't have it, or if your version is old, simply go to www.adobe.com to download the latest version--free!   Because these files are PDF, they cannot be modified.  If you find materials that need some "tweaking" to be usable with your students, use BOARDMAKER to create your own, individualized materials, based on the ideas you have found on this site.

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Many materials were created with Picture Communication Symbols© and Boardmaker© from Mayer-Johnson Company. Speaking of Speech.com has permission from Mayer-Johnson Co. to post these materials and expects all users to honor this agreement and their copyright.

The Picture Communication Symbols ©Copyright 1981-2005 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. 
All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission. 
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Please note: It is sometimes challenging to determine to which category some materials belong. Indeed, some materials seem to belong to more than one category, but server space does not permit multiple postings of the same materials. To make optimum use of the materials on this site:

(1) When you find a material in a specific category, think beyond that narrow use. Materials for language can also be used for artic, fluency, etc. Be creative!

(2) If you are looking for materials that you remember from the old Materials Exchange pages, please know that nearly ALL materials have been reposted and, by looking through the various categories, you should be able to find them.

Please do not email me to ask where materials are!

As much as I'd love to help you out, I can't possibly answer all such email requests! Also, after reposting hundreds of documents, I can't always remember where they are either. :-)

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