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Meet Katie!

Have you met Katie?  She's the new girl in school, and this is her story.

"How Katie Got a Voice (and a cool new nickname)" celebrates that which makes us all unique, but also highlights how sometimes a little help is needed to show us how much we are alike.

The story is told by a fourth grade classmate of Katie.  Everyone in the school has a nickname related to individual interests and personalities.  When Katie comes into the classroom, the students are eager to involve her in their activities and to learn what is special about her.  This proves to be quite a challenge.  

How can Katie fit in with her classmates when she can't even talk?

Read this book in the classroom, in therapy, and at home as a way to open a discussion of acceptance, inclusion, disability etiquette, and overcoming challenges of all kinds.

Written by Pat Mervine                     Illustrated by Ian Acker
40 illustrated pages, softcover          only 
$16, includes shipping.

Autographed and dedicated books are available
the SOS.com Products page of this web site.

NOW an E-BOOK for iPad and Kindle!  Click HERE to purchase: just $4.00

To meet Katie and some of the characters, read some reviews of the book, and download freebies related to the story, please visit: www.patmervine.com  

Keep up with AAC news at www.Facebook.com/HowKatieGotAVoice.

Katie now stars in a video & PowerPoint!
Please take a few minutes to view the new "Katie's Disability Awareness" video on YouTube, in which Katie and her friends give lessons in Disability Etiquette. This video is ideal for Disability Awareness Month and anytime you need to educate others in disability awareness and etiquette.

A PowerPoint version of Katie's Lessons in Disability Etiquette is now available on Pat's TPT page.  This PPT doesn't contain music, and you control the rate of presentation, making it perfect for classroom and youth group discussions.

 Engage your students by using the Reader's Theater version of "How Katie Got a Voice (and a cool new nickname)," now available on Pat's TPT page