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Professional Organizations & Resources:
American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association

Bucks County (PA) Schools Intermediate Unit #22

International Society of Alternative and Augmentative Communication

National Education Assocation

http://SLPexam.com  Test prep site for NESPA Praxis SLP exam. Multiple choice exam questions, content, and mnemonics. Sections: study-buddies, audio, links, and tips Free Sampler.
Study Guide and Information for NESPA SLP Exam

SLP Resources:

Earn unlimited ASHA CEUs at home!  Click the logo to access loads of live and on-demand presentations, all for ASHA CEUs!  Very low price, top quality presenters.

AAC Messaging Word Lists

Alex Kelly: Resources for Speech Therapy and Social Skills Training
Resource for "Talkabout" series of materials for social skills training.

Apraxia-Kids : Lots of useful articles, features, and links for parents and professionals regarding diagnosis and treatment of verbal apraxia

A Cozy Basic Grammar Course

Brain Connection Up-to-date information on brain science and learning, plus brain teasers and great links for research

Carol's Speech and Language Disorders Homepage

Caroline Bowen's Speech Language Therapy Site

Caselite Software Scheduling made easy! This software was developed by the husband of a speech/language pathologist. View the sample web-based scheduler, then sign up (there’s a fee) to use the scheduling software for 1 year.

Christina Combs' Blog:  Inclusion Preschool

Cindy Meester's Site

Cleft Notes: Cleft Lip/Palate Chat Group

Communication Connects This site is dedicated to speech/language pathologists, educators and parents, encouraging development of functional communication skills in children in all environments. Included are informational articles related to fostering good communication, a story-making machine, forums, links which include IEP goal ideas, fun therapy activities, organizational forms and much more.

Connie Dugan, SLP, Web Page of Resources

Dawn Moore's Site: Expression Speech

Deaf Resource Library

Dr. Karen Speech -- blog, articles, language lists, other materials

FREE Monthly Speaking Tips Free tips for improving public speaking and interpersonal communication by professional speaker Lenny Laskowski. Print and share with students, teachers, or use yourself to strengthen presentation skills.

FRIENDS: National Association of Young People Who Stutter

Help Me Talk Right Books

Idiom Site We teach students the meanings of idioms, but did you ever wonder how the idioms got started and what they really mean? This site has the answers for a long list of idioms and expressions in common English usage. Ideal for secondary students.

IEP-4-U : The answer to your prayers! Loads of sample goals and objectives arranged by topic and severity. Back online!!

IEP Goals.net  A compendium of IEP goals addressing many areas of educational needs, available by yearly subscription.

InSight Speech  A source of downloadable e-books with information for SLPs (including newbies), teachers, and parents.

Jenna Rayburn's Blog:  Speech Room News

Kim Marino's Blog: The Speech Mama

Late Talkers Chat Group

LD Online Phonemic Awareness Information

Lesson Corner  Oodles of worksheets and lessons for cooking and many other topics (membership fee of $19.95/yr)

Listen Up--Hints and Tips for Language and Hearing Impairment

Mighty Book  A resource of over many children's books, puzzles, games in English, Spanish, and Chinese.   Of particular interest to SLPs is "Stuttering Sam Takes a Stand" by Artie Knapp. 

National Stuttering Association

Net Connections to Communication Disorders by Judith Maginnis Kuster

Oral Motor Site Information on Beckman Oral Motor Treatment, drooling, and other oral motor disorders

Patty Becker's List of Books, Stories, and Games that Reinforce Speech Sounds Nice list of sound-loaded children's books and games that can be used for artic practice

PediaStaff This is a nationwide recruiting and placement agency for SLPs interested in working with children in a variety of settings.

Phonetics: The Sounds of English and Spanish You absolutely must check out this site. Developed by the University of Iowa, this site presents animated and real-life video of each phoneme as it is produced. When you arrive at the site, click on "Launch English Library" to view these animations. What a wonderful way to finally show students how to make those hard-to-see sounds!

Playing with Words 365

Pronunciation with an Eye on Multiple Intelligences Great suggestions on teaching articulation in ways that reach every student and every learning style.

Puzzle Maker

Quia.com Speech and Language Therapy Activities This site offers online games created by SLPs for articulation, vocabulary, grammar, inferences, and much more. Games can be played in therapy sessions or given as fun online homework assignments.  

See It, Say It, Write It Innovative ideas for SLPs and teachers that incorporate technology (computers, digital cameras, scanners, etc.) into speech, language, and literacy instruction.

Selective Mutism : The Silence Within--A parent/teacher guide to helping the selective mute and shy child, based on a teacher's experience.

Selective Mutism and Childhood Anxiety Disorders Over 6,500 pages of information to help educate anyone interested in learning more about this treatable childhood anxiety disorder

SLPSite-Caroline Bowen, Ph.D.

Special Child: Therapy & Adaptive Ideas

Speech Buddies --a kit of tools and training info to improve articulation at an accelerated rate (compared to traditional therapy methods), and an informative blog on a variety of s/l topics, including autism, dyslexia, telepractice, and much more.  

Speech-Language Pathologist.org This site offers free tools to the Speech-Language Pathologist Community including free internet services (email and websites) and other free services. The chat room is very active and is available for information through our archives. Message boards, employment information, and information related to further education are also provided.

Speech Dynamics, Inc.: Charlotte Boshart This site offers free materials, including tons of symbols for Picture Exchange Communication System books, scheduling and sequencing, labeling items in the environment, behavioral & transition cues, and much more. Of particular interest to adolescents are photos related to pop music and TV shows.

Speech/Language Resources: a wealth of information, free materials, and blog on all aspects of speech/language therapy

Speech Teach : a site from the UK with a good selection of illustrated therapy games and craft activities that you can make and use with your students

Speech Therapy Ideas Blog of S/L therapy materials and tips hosted by Becky Wanca

SpeechTX.com This super site offers information, materials and links related to articulation, language, early intervention, and technology. Commercial products are also available.

Speechville Express A resource for families, educators, and medical professionals, offering information about language development in children, helping those who care for toddlers and young children who are late talkers, and connecting you with others who have been down this road. Language disorders and communication impairments included are apraxia, stuttering, pervasive developmental disorder, dysarthria, and aphasia, among others.

Stuttering Foundation of America provides comprehensive up-to date information, resources, and support to those who stutter and their families as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering.

Stuttering Homepage

Stuttering Chat Group

Teach-nology Grammar Lessons Over 30 lessons to support all forms of grammar instruction. Use “as is” or modify your own to meet your students’ needs based on the ideas you see here.

Therasimplicity  For a membership fee, a variety of therapy materials

Used Textbooks, College & Cheap Textbooks, Textbook Buyback Compare textbook prices on new and used college textbooks. Use the CampusBooks.com bookbag to compare prices on all of your books at once. Sell textbooks with our textbook buyback service.

Virtual Speech Center  Specializes in providing speech/language assessment and therapy online (telepractice) via web-based software and offers free iPhone apps to their SLPs. Materials and therapy ideas also on the site.

Vocal Development Great information on early speech development, ways to stimulate speech/language in hearing and deaf children, audio & video clips of early speech and intervention methods, and more.

Wide Smiles Cleft Lip and Palate Resource : A very useful and comprehensive resource for professionals, parents, and children, including medical/surgical information, exercises for speech therapy, support resources, and lots of useful links.

Word Finding Web Site

Wordsmith: A Word a Day : Hear the word, see the definition and examples of the word's use. Archives are arranged alphabetically and by theme. Sign up for free A Word A Day email.

Click to subscribe to SLPtalk

Online Games and Learning Resources:

Bry-Back Manor An unbelievable collection of materials and downloadable computer games (MAC) for children with special needs!

Chateau Meddybemps : A terrific site of online games for young children. Also includes storybooks (print or use online), plus extensive teachers' and parents' guides for Listening, Writing, Reading, Developing Social Skills, Thinking, Math Concepts, and Language Development, plus lists of recommended children's books, and more!

Children's Storybooks Online A collection of colorfully illustrated children's stories, coloring books, mazes, and loads of links for literacy.

Color by Idiom An online activity by FunBrain. Students choose the difficulty level, topic, and picture to color. Each time the student matches an idiom and definition, a piece of a picture is colored on the screen.

Education Place

ELR: Extra Language Resources Online language games and activities for SLPs, teachers, and parents

FunBrain Games

GrammarNow Online Grammar Checker

Hot Potatoes Software and downloads for making customized language games

JuniorsWeb.com: Specialized Education Programs This site provides online games, articles, and other resources for speech/language therapy, science, and math.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Word Games

Mighty Book  A resource of over many children's books, puzzles, games in English, Spanish, and Chinese.   Of particular interest to SLPs is "Stuttering Sam Takes a Stand" by Artie Knapp. 

Seussville University

Starfall.com A wonderfully interactive way for young students to learn to read! FREE online games use sight and sound to teach reading through phonemic awareness.

Tracy Gefroh Boyd Artic & Language Therapy : use these motivating online games and activities during speech/language therapy or assign for homework. Includes categorization, homographs, multiple meanings, analogies, grammar, idioms, syllable counting, and more.

Vocabuary.com : A variety of thematic/literature/curriculum-based vocabulary games, puzzles, comic strips, and lesson plans geared toward the older student. Useful for standardized test preparation.

Wacky Web Tales : For grades 3 and above. Students can play Web Tales online. Students can also write and submit their own Web Tales. Provides HELP screen for parts of speech.

Teacher and Student Resources:


Adrian Bruce Reading Games and Phonics Posters Really fun, colorful games, posters, and word lists that your student will love, all ready to print and use.

American School Directory

Awesome Library

Bare Books Super source of blank bookmarks, book plates, journals, gameboards, comic books, and lots of other blank materials to stimulate student creativity in writing.

Billy Bear 4 Kids

Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web

Carol Gossett's Kindergarten Connection

Coast Music Therapy Download tips for therapists, teachers, and parents on ways to use music to enhance learning.

Coloring4All  Loads of licensed characters for online coloring, plus printables, games, dot-to-dots and more.

Crayola Crayons Web Site Lots of creative, hands-on lesson plans and activities that provide fine-motor practice with a variety of art media. Also available are printable, thematic coloring pages, cards that you can make, and portals for parents and kids.

Coloring Printables  Loads of free b/w coloring pages, arranged by curricular topic and theme, available for download, along with tips regarding the value of coloring.

Dr. Mac's Amazing Behavior Management Advice Site The name says it all! This site offers thousands of tips on managing student behavior and provides step-by-step directions for implementing a great number of standard interventions. It also contains a bulletin board on which you can post your disciplinary concerns and receive suggestions from teachers around the world.

Discount School Supply All kinds of curricular and experiential materials, including story book kits, --all discounted, plus free ideas for craft projects.

EdHelper.com Download tons of thematic and curricular puzzles, games, and worksheets, plus create your own crosswords, word searches, and more.

Education Planet

Education World

Eleven Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline These techniques will help you achieve effective group management and control of students, k-12.

Encarta Schoolhouse

Enchanted Learning : an unbelievable selection of wonderful crafts, seasonal, & curricular activities, plus a free weekly email newspaper.


Free Fonts for Teachers A variety of free and shareware fonts for printing and cursive writing practice.

Kids Fonts Free handwriting fonts (dotted letters and letters to color in) that you can download for Mac or Windows


Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Free service for all educators, provided by the US Dept. of Education. Search for materials and resources, such as lesson plans and thematic units by subject, keywords, grade level.

Homework Spot

The Idea Box This site features thematic activities, songs, recipes, crafts, etc. Also avaible: a free weekly newsletter of ideas.

Kagan Online Cooperative Learning

Kiddyhouse.com Super resources for teachers, students, and parents. Among the teacher resources you'll find lesson plans, worksheets, clipart, crafts, articles, and much more. Don't be fooled by the name; some of these materials are appropriate for older students, too, and relate to the curriculum.

Kids' Domain

Kids Domain Clip Art : hundreds of cute, free, thematic clip art designs, plus links to many more.

Kids Search Engine

The Learning Page

Lesson Corner  for a membership fee, a large collection of lesson plans and materials.
Lesson Plans Page

Lesson Planz.com A searchable directory of free lesson plans and resources for all grades and subjects.

The Mailbox and Teacher's Helper

Managing Your Classroom: Behavior Control Lots of ideas related to behavior management from experienced teachers.

Mrs. Fischer's Kinder~Themes This is a fabulous source of lesson plans, classroom decorating ideas, recipes, books, and tons of other materials and downloads related to monthly themes.

Nuttin' But Kids

Parent-Teacher Guide to Learning Disabilities Excellent resource for parents and educators.


PowerPoint Presentations Presentations for every grade level done in PowerPoint for you to use online or download

Preschool Printables Not just for preschool, this site offers loads of free awards, bookmarks, calendars, parent letters, coloring pages, and TONS more. Free email newsletter available.

ProTeacher.com Classroom Management Tips You'll find loads of links to useful information including how to reward, forms and letters, classroom strategies, dealing with challenging behavior, and more!

The Resource Room Free-spirited Structured Multisensory LearningLessons, ideas, articles and links for multisensory learning for people of all ages. Resources for people who learn differently, or have learning difficulties or learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia. Teachers, therapists, and parents will find great information, some general and some curriculum-specific, to support students with different learning styles.


School Notes

Sites for Teachers The all-time BEST place to find dynamite sites related to education!

Songs for Teaching A great resource for creative teachers who recognize the value of music in facilitating all types of learning.

Squigly's Playhouse A delightful site packed with thematic games, puzzles, crafts, writing activities, coloring pages, and more that you can download, plus online cards, coloring pages, and puzzles--all free and easy to use.

Starfall.com A site full of wonderfully interactive games to teach young children to read via phonemic awareness. Related materials, including writing activities, available for teachers -- all FREE!

Teaching Heart’s Ultimate Back to School Site Games, books, lesson plans, craft ideas, and materials galore to get everyone started for a great new school year. There’s even a page just for first year and student teachers.

Teach-nology Rubric Generator Free rubric generators for assessing a wide range of skills and behaviors. Of particular interest to SLPs are rubrics for Oral Expression, Basic Reading Skills, Listening, Writing, and Class Participation.

Teacher Resource Center  Educational materials (free and for sale), articles, a newsletter, and much for for teachers, parents, and students


PBS TeacherSource

Teachnet Lesson Plans

Unique Activities and Ideas for Elementary Students  A long list of sites arranged by curriculum area

The Virtual Schoolhouse

Yahooligans for Kids

You Can Handle it All This site contains a discipline model for handling over 100 misbehaviors at school and at home.

Phonology, Literacy, and Literature:
Alphabet Mini-Books Terrific downloads for teaching all consonant and vowel sounds in mini-book form.

America Reads

Academic Therapy

Between the Lions: Get Wild About Reading This PBS Kids site has loads of stories, games, and printable materials for all types of language and literacy practice.

Checkpoint for Progress in Reading and Writing

Children's Literature Site

Children's Literature & Language Arts Resources

Curry School of Education--Webbing Into Literacy : This awesome site is devoted to phonology and literacy development in young children. There are free, downloadable, weekly themed lessons (A-Rhyme-A-Week and A-Book-A-Week) which contained detailed lesson plans, extension activities, and great illustrations.

DLTK Kids This site has TONS of crafts, games, recipes, and literacy materials, including great mini-books for every sound. Keep scrolling through the extensive list to see all this site has to offer, including materials with your students' favorite cartoon characters!


George Suttle's Complete List of Literature

Harry Potter Web Site

Jan Brett's Homepage : This talented author/illustrator of many beloved children's books generously shares free story-related downloads, activities, recipes, and online games to extend the themes of her books.

Language Arts Resources & Activities: Spelling and Phonics This awesome site provides downloads and links to a wide variety of materials, including tracing paper and traceable fonts, phonics and alphabet activities, Dolch Word List games, vowel worksheets and games, and lots of links to other phonics/literacy resources.

NEA: Read Across America EVERYTHING you need to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day (March 1), including a resourced kit you can download with clip art, certificates, activities, bookmarks, a bio of Dr. Seuss, invitations, reading lists, and TONS more!

Official Eric Carle Web Site

Phonics Desk Worksheet Program A terrific resource of ready-made worksheets for phonemic and phonologic training, all organized by skill level, and presented in a logical sequence for skill building.

Project READ

Read America

SRA-McGraw Hill

Reading SOS and Phonics Based Reading Program

Starfall.com A wonderfully interactive site that uses sight and sound to teach reading through phonemic awareness. Additional related materials are available to teachers -- all free.

Synthesis of Research on Phonological Awareness

Wilson Reading System

Disability Resources:
ABA Resources: Autism, PDD, Hyperlexia, Asperger's: treatment, therapy, special education Information on treatment and therapy (including applied behavior analysis, behavioral intervention, behavior modification, discrete trial training, or "Lovaas therapy"), special education, early intervention, and child disability resources.

ABA Resources Additionalinformation and links on Applied Behavioral Analysis

AbilityHub.com An assistive technology web site for people who have disabilities and need assistance with computer access.

All About Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral Palsy Directory Your one-stop destination for anything you can think about cerebral palsy. This Cerebral Palsy Directory is designed to help its users findthe cerebral palsy information, articles, source, companies, products and services.

Bry-Back Manor Picture Recipes An unbelievable list of recipes done in text and picture versions to download and print -- free!

CESA 7: Special Education Resources Articles and resources for educators and parents on many SPED topics, including autism, writing IEP goals, special education law, and more.

Children without Friends: Improving Social Skills Useful article with goals/objectives and activities related to social skill development

Communication Disorders

DB-Link National Clearinghouse on Children who are Deaf-Blind

Developing an Eye-Gaze Communication System Here are great tips on getting started with eye-gaze for students with severe motor and communication disabilities.

Different Roads to Learning Terrific source of books, flashcards, scheduling products, software, videos, and photo Social Stories books.

Do2Learn This site is dedicated to autism and learning disabilities, and contains free picture cards, art projects, organizational tools, and other useful information.

Down Syndome Information

Dyslexia Consultants  Articles and resources on many topics related dyslexia

Educate Autism  Very informative site that includes free materials, tutorials, articles, and more. 

Education Planet

Establishing an Encoded Eye Gaze System This useful article by Carolann Cormier, MS, CCC-SLP, ATP, was originally published in CONNSENSE.

Exceptional Parent

Fisher-Price Special Needs Helpful information for parents and educators in early intervention regarding play stages in the areas of seeing, thinking & learning, hearing, moving, talking, and manipulating toys.

Healing Thresholds  A wealth of information on autism and treatment therapies

International Dyslexia Association A wealth of information for parents and professionals on identification and treatment, including assistive technology, of dyslexia

Internet Resources for Special Children

Internet Special Education Resources for Learning Disabilities

Kay Smith, Ed.D., Special Educator's Web Pages

LD Resources

Learning Disability Resources Loads of useful links on this topic!
Marc Sheehan's Special Education Page

Misunderstood Minds A companion to the PBS special on learning differences and disabilities

National Center for Learning Disabilities

NICHCY: Info on All Disabilities

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders : Useful information for professionals, parents, and children regarding all types of communication disorders, treatment, and support.

O.A.S.I.S. Online Asperger's Syndrome Information and Support

OT Exchange  This site provides a central place where members can exchange ideas, share experiences and brainstorm together related to children with special needs and their families. Membership and all the resources are free.

Parent-Teacher Guide to Learning Disabilities - Excellent guide with definitions and resources

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) The homepage of PECS contains info on training opportunities, plus a very useful section of FAQs.

PECS: Shorthand Notes This site, by BBB Autism Support Network, provides a terrific summary of training phases and techniques. Print and keep it as a handy reference for all team members.

Polyxo.com: Teaching Children with Autism Printable social stories, plus extensive information on autism for parents and professionals.

Our Front Porch Cerebral Palsy Chat Group

Special Education News

Special Education Resources on the Internet

SPEDPAC A portal of special education information and discussion forum for parents

Speech Language Pathology Web Sites

Stroke Survivors Chat Group

TEACCH: Treatment & Education of Autistic & related Comm. Handicapped CHildren Information on autism, educational and communication approaches, supported employment, research, and training opportunities.

Tinsnips: Special Education Resources for Autism Spectrum Disorders Loads of free materials, classroom activities, thematic units, and links you won't want to miss.

Use Visual Strategies Improving communication is one of the primary needs for persons with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ASD, or others with communication or behavior challenges. This site provides tools to help improve communication, including articles, pictures with customized text, and much more.

Publishers of Books, Materials, Software, and Hardware:
ABA Materials CD-ROMs of over 8500 full-color photos for communication training

Ablenet, Inc. Switches, software, and other solutions for children and adults with disabilities. Check out the Power of Vision and other articles and ideas for implementing functional assistive technology.

Adaptivation A super site for reasonably priced assistive technology (switches and simple AAC devices), plus the "Applications Photo Album" which shows very clever, workable ways to incorporate AT into daily life to boost learning, communication, and participation.

Augmentative Communication Consultants Inc (ACCI) A catalog full of the latest AAC and assistive tech hardware and software with excellent customer service.

Black Sheep Press Reproducibles

Creative Teaching Press

Crick Software


Giving Greetings Cards for all occasions made with Picture Communication Symbols. Ideal for SLPs and others involved with augmentative communication.

Great Ideas for Teaching

LearningFundamentals Software



Make Fun of Learning.com Home of Etc. Publications, LLC, publishers of the G.R.O.W. Series of books for SLPs and teachers.

Mayer-Johnson Company

Oriental Trading Company

Playful Puppets for Therapy

Really Good Stuff

Say it Right  Home of the Entire World of R and other articulation materials

Silver Lining Multimedia Software

Speech and Language Videos Videos with high-quality photos provide articulation and language practice at home.

Super Duper Inc.

Thinking Publications

AAC and Assistive Technology:
AAC Funding Information from the University of Washington

AAC Intervention.com Loads of ideas for adapting books, using technology to foster reading & writing, and more.

AAC Messaging Word Lists

AAC-REC Medicare Funding Information Includes sample reports

AT Curriculum Resources: Overlays for Intellikeys, Speaking Dynamically, and more Augmentative Communication News

AT Product Information Resources

Auditory Scanning and Eye-Gaze Good step-by-step training techniques

Beyond Autism PECS Pictures/Icon Pages

CAMA-Communication Aids Manufacturers Association

Creating Literature Based Communication Boards by Lori Tufte and Julie Maro Illustrated suggestions for adapting books for use with AAC device users.

Crestwood Communication Aids

DREAMMS for Children, Inc. Assistive Technology Solutions

Dynavox Systems A leader in dynamic display devices and related AAC products and services.

Dynavox Page Exchange Early Childhood Thematic Units : thematic bulletin board ideas, songs, poems, cooking, fine/gross motor activities, and assistive technology implementation ideas, plus free downloads for HyperStudio and Intellikeys

Fostering Emergent Literacy for Children who Require AAC by Janice Light and Jennifer Kent-Walsh First in a three part series hosted by ASHA

Getting to word prediction: Developmental literacy and AAC by Yvonne Gillette and Jeri Lynn Hoffman Useful article that will help teachers and parents learn the literacy skills they need in order to use word prediction software as a writing tool

Health Sciences Assistive Technology Distribution, training, and tech support for voice-output communication devices; information on insurance billing included on site

Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalition Connection: Infinite Potential Through Technology

International Society of Alternative & Augmentative Communication

Let's Play Project, University of Buffalo Great information for parents and professionals regarding early intervention and assistive technology.

Linda Burkhart's Simplified Technology

Literacy and Students Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems by Jane Ferrall Hosted by Zygo, this article discusses early intervention strategies for phonemic awareness and ways to use technology and childhood books to teach these skills.

Mayer-Johnson Company

Neighborhood Legal Services Free/inexpensive funding booklets and other info for AAC/Assistive Technology

PECS for All Home of the Picto Selector AAC symbol tool, available in multiple platforms and multiple languages.  This is a free shareware program that can be used to generate all kinds of communication materials.

Pictures for Education

Prentke-Romich Home Page

Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology

Quick and Easy Materials for Nonverbal Students

Reading Made Easy Assistive technology solutions for reading

Speaking Dynamically Board Exchange

Speak Up aka AAC Safeguarding, this site offers support to AAC users, families, educators, and others regarding abuse of persons with communication and other disabilities.

University of Nebraska at Lincoln AAC Resources Site

WATA Augmentative & Alternative Communication Main Page

WATI: Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative



Advance for Speech/Language Pathology

Closing The Gap

Exceptional Parent Magazine

News-2-You Weekly Online Newspaper a download publication for all ages that presents the "who, what, where, when" of topical news stories in symbol/text format and simplified language for 3 levels of readers, and now also in Spanish. Each issue includes a weekly recipe, joke, standards-based activity pages, and communication boards, plus pages you can customize (weather, birthdays, etc.). Even more theme reinforcing materials are found in Joey's Locker and in the online games section. For more info: click here.

News-2-You is thrilled to announce a new curriculum product for Fall 2008. The Unique Learning System is a unique modified curriculum format designed for special learners. Unique takes a standards-based approach to learning and is available in four different grade bands. Every month subscribers will have access to 26 lesson plans and activities built around a science or social studies content. The lesson plans in each unit incorporate reading, writing and math in a consistent format and differentiated tasks set goals for every learners needs. Finally, along with all this content, an online assessment piece will help teachers track their students' success.

TECH-NJ: Technology, Educators, and CHildren with disabilities-New Jersey