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"How Katie Got a Voice (and a Cool New Nickname" 
celebrates that which makes us all unique, but also highlights how sometimes a little help is needed to show us how much we are alike. The story is told by a fourth grade classmate of Katie, the new girl in school. Everyone in the school, even the principal and custodian, have nicknames related to their individual interests and personalities. When Katie comes into the class, the students are eager to involve her in their activities and to learn what is special about her. This proves to be quite a challenge. Katie has significant physical disabilities which make her dependent on a Personal Care Assistant for everything, even communicating. How can Katie fit in with her classmates when she can't even talk? When Katie is introduced to assistive technology, she is finally able to communicate with her new friends. As a result, the students are delighted to see her as a person with many interests and abilities, just like them. Katie knows she is a valued member of the school when she is given her own special nickname.  This book was written by Pat Mervine, an SLP and assistive technology consultant with 20 years' experience with students who have significant communication impairments. 

  40 pages, softcover               $16.00 per copy   

  Also now available:  A Reader's Theater version of the story
                    AND a 
PowerPoint of illustrations for beautiful scenery during the
Reader's Theater performance!  
Click "BUY NOW" below to purchase and download.   


"The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own" 

Matthew has a problem.  His mouth has a mind of its own.  His brain thinks one thing, but his mouth says another. He can't participate in class discussions. He can't ask for a snack.  He can't even say his own name!  Then he meets the school speech therapist.....

Use this delightfully illustrated book to acquaint students, teachers, and parents with the process of articulation therapy.  A must-have for every SLP!


30 pages, illustrated.  Soft cover            $8.00 per copy        

  "There Was a Speech Teacher Who Swallowed Some Dice"

A wacky Speech Teacher starts swallowing everything she needs to do speech/language therapy in her school! What could possibly happen? Better look out when those dice begin to roll!

"There Was a Speech Teacher Who Swallowed Some Dice" is a delightfully silly way to introduce students to the materials used in speech/language therapy.


38 pages, illustrated. Soft cover. $8.00 per copy                                                                       

Speaking of Speec
h CD volume 1
Click HERE to see the Table of Contents.

     SPECIAL Price:   $10 each 


Speaking of Speech CD volume 2 

Click HERE to see the Table of Contents.

$10 each


     2 CD SET for $15
Speaking of Speech Vol 1 & 2 Bundle
Get both Speaking of Speech CDs volumes 1 & 2 for this special bundled price!


Introducing the 

Cool Colored  SOS.com  WRISTBANDS

to promote carryover of articulation, language, fluency, voice, and pragmatic communication skills -- A SPEAKING OF SPEECH.COM EXCLUSIVE!

Brightly colored, flexible silicon bands, individually packaged, and debossed with the message "THINK B4U SPEAK" come with a letter for parents and a calendar for carryover practice.

Start a "Carryover Club!"  SOS.com wristbands are a great reward for students to work toward, and a visible reminder to the students, parents, teachers, and peers of how far the students have come in therapy!

$1.20 per wristband 
Assorted colors will be shipped.

Artic-U-Checks CD
   for Baseline &
Progress Monitoring

Price:  $15  

The Artic-U-Checks CD contains 125 printable data collection pages for 50 consonant singletons, blends, and clusters in the initial, medial, and final positions of one to three syllable words at the word and sentence levels.  Each data page contains 10 target words and 10 sentences of four to eight words in length containing those target words, along with a grid for measuring baseline ability and progress over 5 progress monitoring sessions.  These pages are designed for quick and easy data collection that can be summarized in Evaluation Reports, IEPs, and quarterly progress reports. Artic-U-Checks is NOT a standardized test and does not take the place of articulation tests, nor does it replace or recommend any therapy methods. Instead, Artic-U-Checks is used to supplement formal testing by probing each error sound 10 times in each position of a word. The results of the probes help the speech/language pathologist make informed decisions for therapy goals and intervention, and can be used to graphically communicate skill levels and progress to parents and students. 

Click HERE to download the full description of Artic-U-Checks.

Click HERE to download a sample Artic-U-Checks form.

Click HERE to download the list of speech sounds & positions included on the Artic-U-Checks CD.


Speech on the Go CD 

by Kelly Smith-Vernon, M.A., CCC

                           SPECIAL Price: 
$10 each

                          SEE BELOW for ON THE GO BUNDLE PRICING

Speech on the Go is a resource book on disk that is designed to help bridge the gap between articulation therapy, the classroom and home.  It can be used as part of traditional articulation therapy during the carryover phase or even as a resource for speech sound intervention.  Speech on the Go has over one hundred pages of reproducible materials to help the school-based speech language pathologist.  The resource book has four sections: 

     • The first section includes various homework sheets for connected 

         speech practice. 

      • The second section includes handouts to help the busy school SLP

         coordinate and collaborate with teachers on students’ articulation


      • The third section includes handouts for targeting students’ speech

        sounds during everyday activities at home. 

     • The fourth section provides “reminder phrases” for each sound to be

        used on stickers and bookmarks.  These “reminder phrases” are

        designed to be used “on the go” with students.

Click here for a sample from each section.

Articulation Intervention
                                  on the Go

by Kelly Smith-Vernon, M.A., CCC

SPECIAL Price:  $10  
                              SEE BELOW for ON THE GO BUNDLE PRICING

The materials in Articulation Intervention on the Go will support classroom teachers and parents in working with students who have articulation errors.  This CD contains home-based and classroom-based intervention packets for the following sounds:  /k, g, f, v, s, z, sh, ch, j, th, l, r/.


        2 CD Set for $15
  Speech & Articulation

Get both SPEECH ON THE GO and ARTICULATION ON THE GO CDs at this bundled price to support your students at home, in the therapy room, and in the classroom (carryover & RtI).



JUMP! Games
for Artic, Language & Fluency

by Pat Mervine, M.A., CCC-SLP

                                      Price:  $10 each
                       SEE BELOW for GAME BUNDLE PRICING

Have you ever played one of those games on the table in a family restaurant?  You know, the wooden triangle with holes and colored golf tees?  The object is to jump one tee over another, removing each "jumped" tee as you go, to see how many you can remove, how few are left.  The Speaking of Speech.com JUMP! Games are played the same way and are just as much fun! 

Use 105 motivating games to practice articulation at the word and sentence levels, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency.  Games contain all typical error sounds in 1-4 syllable words in all positions.  These games provide fun practice in therapy and as homework.  Great for short, intensive "5 minute" and "10 minute" sessions.  Ideal for students with a reading level of grade 3 and above.

Click here to download a sample game.


Square Off!  Games for Artic, Langu
age, and Fluency
by Pat Mervine, M.A., CCC-SLP

Price:  $10 each

                        SEE BELOW for Special GAMES BUNDLE PRICING

You played it as a kid:  taking turns with a friend to connect a grid of dots.  The player who draws the final line to close the square claims it by writing his/her initials in the square.  The Speaking of Speech.com SQUARE OFF! Games are played the same way, providing an entertaining and competitive way to practice articulation, vocabulary, grammar, or fluency. The 108 SQUARE OFF! Games contain all typical error sounds, including blends, in 1-4 syllable words in all positions.  These games are motivating in therapy and encourage parent involvement at home.

Click here to download a sample game.

       Bundle:  2  CD Set for $15
     Jump! and Square Off!
         Games Bundle

Two fun games to practice articulation and stimulate language in traditional and intensive therapy sessions.  Buy both together in this bundle and save!


"A Day in the Life of an SLP" Poster
Do your colleagues think you sit around playing board games all day?  If only!
Let everyone know just some of what you do every day with this 11" x 17" poster, laser-printer on glossy, high-quality paper!

Price:  $10 each


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