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Social Skills/Pragmatics
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Social Language Dictionary
Students with pragmatic language disorders or ESOL students can keep this in a binder and write unfamiliar or confusing language when then hear it. Posted 11/15/06.

Social skills worksheet for secondary students by Joan Altimore and Ann Peck. Posted 12/4/06.
Proxemics Social Skills

Proxemics Materials Graphics
to teach and monitor the use of personal space. Labels can be printed on Avery 5160 labels to "peel and stick" on situations (see Proxemics materials above). Created by Debbie Dungen. Posted 1/21/07.
Personal Space

Personal Space Labels

Choices and Have-to-Do's Social Communication Tale
to help students know when they can make choices and when they simply have to comply. Created by Diedre Dobbels. Posted 2/8/07.
Choices and Have To Do

No Potty Words Social
Communication Tale to teach appropriate use of language in social situations. Posted 1/29/06.
Potty Words Story

Going to McDonald's Social
Communication Tale with sequence strips. Posted 3/13/06.
McDonalds Directions

McD cover

McD 1

McD 2

McD 3

McD 4

McD 5

McD 6

McD 7


Sequence Strips

Social Skills Rule Book
Interactive lessons for individuals or classrooms on a variety of social situations and rules for behavior. Posted 3/19/06.
Rule Book Directions


Angry at Friend

Angry at Teacher

Borrowing from Friend

Eat at Table


In Cafeteria

Into School

Leave Classroom

On Playground

Play Game

Taking Test

Talk to Friend

Talk to Someone you Like

Talk to Teacher

Wait in Line

No Middle Finger Social
Communication Tale Written by Kim Mourlas to teach appropriate use of hands. Posted 4/18/06.
Middle Finger Story

ocial Kiss Social
Communication Tale created by Kim Mourlas. Posted 4/27/06.
Social Kiss

Conversation Tips
Posted 7/25/06.
Tips for Having a Great Conversation

Turn Taking Materials
Posted 8/8/06.
Good Turn Taking

Good Turn Taking2

Not Turn Taking

Not Turn Taking 2

Turn Taking Materials
Posted 8/8/06.
Turn Taking 1

Turn Taking 2

Turn Taking 3

Turn Taking 4

Turn Taking 5

Turn Taking 6

Tea Party Sequence
Photo for teaching script-based symbolic play. Developed for a preschool child with autism. Posted 8/8/06.
Teaparty Pix

Nose Picking is Gross Social
Communication Tale by Valerie Fluhr. Posted 10/11/06.






Find Out Aids
to help adolescents engage their peers in conversation. By Rosemarie Donatelli. Posted 11/7/06.
Finding Out1

Finding Out2

Social Skills: Providing Negative Feedback Positively

Negative Feedback

Visual/Verbal Prompts to Expand Utterances

Expanding Utterances

Time's Up!
Visual aids for staying on task and transitioning when the task is done.
Times Up Directions

Times up

Stop Work1

Stop Work2

Visual Prompts for Conversation

These sentence strips can be used by an individual in a communication book or as a visual prompt for learning these social skills: how to ask questions and how to have a conversation. By Kim Scharoff.
Sentence Strip1

Sentence Strip2

Sentence Strip3

Sentence Strip4

Sentence Strip 5

Sentence Strip 6

Sentence Strip 7

Sentence Strip 8

Interrupting Visual Cues
to help improve conversational behaviors.
Interrupting Cues

Communication Tale for Going to a New School
Going to a New School

New School 1

New School 2

New School 3

New School 4

New School 5

New School 6

New School 7

New School 8

New School 9

"I Don't Know" Strategies
Posted 9/19/05.

I Don't Know Strategies

Asking for Help Strategies
Posted 9/19/05.

Asking for Help

Friendship Poster
A classroom activity. Posted 9/27/05.

Friends Behavior Labels

Good-Bad Friend Cards

Behaving Respectfully
Communication Tale

Respect 1

Respect 2

Conversation Book
for use with individuals, group, or class. Students illustrate each page to reinforce good conversational skills. Written examples can also be added.
Conversation Book

Conversation Steps Poster

Raising Your Hand Social
Communication Tale

Raising Hands

Communication Tales to reinforce positive behaviors

Quiet Mouth


Conversation Topic Cards
to stimulate conversation and provide speech/language practice in a small and large group
Group Conversation

Describing People Graphics
help students with language impairments and autism provide descriptions of people.
Describing People

What's your Favorite? Why?
Pair students and give each a copy of the interview form. Students take turns interviewing each other, circling their partner's answer if on the form, or drawing/writing in the "other" box if not. Bring groups together to report on their partner's favorites and explain why these things are preferred. This is a good "get to know you" activity for the beginning of the school year.
Favorite Interview

Hands to Myself Social
Communication Tale by Gretchen Curtis. Posted 9/26/07.
Hands to Myself1

Hands to Myself2

Hands to Myself3

Tantrums Don't Help Social
Communication Tale by Gretchen Curtis. Posted 9/26/07.
Tantrums 1



Emotions Social
Communication Tales created by Michelle Smith. Posted 9/26/07.
Feeling Happy

Feeling Sad

Synonyms for Emotions
Created by Jen Seymour, submitted by Gretchen Curtis. Posted 9/26/07.
Feelings Synonyms Directions

Angry Blank

Angry Filled

Happy Blank

Happy Filled

Sad Blank

Sad Filled

Silly Blank

Silly Filled

Steps to Calming Down
A poster for self-regulation. Created by Chrstine Silvestri-Crawford. Posted 11/20/07.
Calm Down

Voice Control Graphic
for appropriate volume in the classroom. Print on card stock and write numbers 0-12 to show incremental increases. Created by Christine Silvestri-Crawford. Posted 11/20/07.
Voice Control

Hula Hoop Space Social
Communication Tale for maintaining social distance. Created by Gretchen Curtis. Posted 12/29/07.
Hula Hoop1

Hula Hoop2

Hula Hoop3

Hula Hoop4

Emotions Interactive Materials
for matching events to emotions and eliciting experiences of students related to emotions. Created by Gretchen Curtis. Posted 12/29/07.
I Feel When Directions

I Feel Excited A

I Feel Excited B

I Feel Frustrated A

I Feel Frustrated B

I Feel Happy A

I Feel Happy B

I Feel Mad A

I Feel Mad B

I Feel Sad A

I Feel Sad B

I Feel Scared A

I Feel Scared B

I Feel Silly A

I Feel Silly B
Social Communication Tales by Shanda Mushrush.  Posted 3/19/08.

Going to Wendy's
Going Bowling
Illness Directions
Illness Symbols1
Illness Symbols2

for nosepickers.  Created by Vicki Pappas.  Posted 3/19/08.
Nose Flash

Following School Rules
Social communication tale from Kristine Hampton.  Posted 4/3/08.
I Need To Follow Rules

Gym Class
Social communication tale from Kristine Hampton.  Posted 4/3/08.
Gym Class

Picking My Fingers
Social communication tale from Kristin Hampton.  Posted 4/3/08.
Picking My Fingers
Going on a Field Trip
Social communication tales.  From Shirby Thomas. Posted 4/3/08.

Field Trip Story Directions
Going on a Field Trip
Going to the Circus

Questions to help a student decide "is this person my friend" based on positive and negative behaviors.  Also instructions on "what can I do for a friend?" and "what can my friends do for me?"  Created by Gretchen Curtis. Posted 4/13/08.


Things I Can Do for My Friend

Things My Friends Can Do for Me
Play Date Social
Communication Tale  From Gretchen Curtis.  Posted 4/13/08.
Playdate 1
Playdate 2
Playdate 3
Playdate 4
Playdate 5
Safety Social Communication Tales by June Cabal.  Posted 6/5/08.

Say No to a Stranger 1
Say No to a Stranger 2
Keep it Safe at Home

Table Manners Guide by Kristina Zeits, BCU #22.  Posted 6/5/08.
Table Manners 
April Fool's Social Skills
created by Kristina Zeits, BCIU #22.  Posted 6/5/08.
April Fool's Social Skills
What is Bad Touch?
Created by June Cabal.  Posted 7/23/08.
What is Bad Touch?
Keep Safe with a Buddy
.  Created by June Cabal. Posted 7/23/08.
Keep Safe with a Buddy 
Taking a Public Bus.
Created by June Cabal.  Posted 7/23/08.
Taking a Public Bus 
 If/Then Grounded behavior and consequences.  By June Cabal.  Posted 7/23/08.
If/Then Grounded 
Lunch Bunch Checklist.
Created by Amy Staletti, BCIU #22.  Posted 9/28/08.
Lunch Bunch
When Noise Hurts Social
Communication Tale Created by Pam Caspar-Hunter. Posted 9/28/08.
When Noise Hurts Title
When Noise Hurts1
When Noise Hurts2
When Noise Hurts3
When Noise Hurts4
When Noise Hurts5
When Noise Hurts6
When Noise Hurts7
When Noise Hurts8
When Noise Hurts9

When Noise Hurts10
In the Group Song by Amy Staletti, BCIU #22.  Posted 9/28/08.
In the Group 1
In the Group 2
In the Group 3
No Touching 
Communication Tale
and worksheet. Created by Carrie Drake Akee.  Posted 10/15/08.

Touch One Page
Touch Worksheet
Communication Tales about Doors and Initiating Interactions by Patricia Calley.  Posted 10/15/08.

Initiate 1
Initiate 2
Initiate 3

Simon Says Game
Created by June Cabel.  Posted 11/3/08.
Simon Says Game
Supports for Initiating a Topic and Greetings.
  These visual representations for initiating greetings & topics can be laminated and placed on students' desks. The students can check the boxes for each day that they initiate a greeting with a friend and/or teacher or initiate a topic of conversation.  Created by Caren McCoy.  Posted 11/21/08.
Initiating a Topic
Initiating Greetings

First in Line Social
Communication Tale by Christina Prohaska.  Posted 11/21/08.

First in Line1
First in Line2
First in Line3
First in Line4

Keeping Hands and Feet to Yourself Social Communication Tale by Sarah Patton.  Posted 1/25/09. 
Keeping Hands to Yourself
What I Can Lick Social
Communication Tale by Sarah Patton. Posted 1/25/09.
 What I Can Lick
Isaac's Social
Communication Tale

Isaac's Social Story
Greeting Social Communication Tale for students who have difficulty greeting peers. Use copies of the Boardmaker pictures to sequence the steps:  Walking in and saying or waving hi and then walking in tapping a friend and saying hi. Contributed by Katie Patton.  Posted 3/15/09. Greeting Social Story
Conversation Materials 
Created by Megan Hajnacki.  Posted 3/29/09.
Conversation Checklist
Ways to Kick Off a Conversation

This Helps Me Fix My Problem
Social communication tale by Gretchen Mills.  Posted 5/3/09.
 Helps Me Fix
Tantrums Don't Help
Social Communication tale by Gretchen Mills.  Posted 5/3/09.

Yes to Teachers
Social communication tale by Gretchen Mills.  Posted 5/3/09.
Yes to Teachers
Real Friends Never Ask Us to Do Bad Things
Social communication tale by Judith Branch.  This story is aimed for that age group or even kids up to 12 or 13 depending on level of maturity, to address what "real friends" are and what kids  can do to avoid being victimized by kids who just want them to do nutty or dangerous things.  Posted 5/3/09.
Real Friends Never Ask
My Weekend Graphic Organizer
to aid in social conversation.  Created by Dominique Simone.  Posted 6/8/09.
My Weekend Graphic Organizer
Communication Tale Books with comprehension questions.  Created by Jennifer Kupchik.  Posted 9/13/09.

Sometimes I Feel Angry
Playing Games
Saying Hello and Goodbye

On the Rug in Kindergarten
Social communication tale created by Gretchen Mills.  Posted 9/13/09.
On the Rug
Communication Tales Created by Kara Rakowski.  Posted 11/1/09.
Joining in book - steps
Listening book
Listening steps
Nice Talk Directions
Rules for talking with a friend
Sharing Book
Voice Tone
Waiting Steps
Waiting Story
Walking in line story
Asking for help
Circle time
Following Directions steps
Following Directions
Getting a person’s attention
Getting dressed story
Giving Directions
Interrupting book
Interrupting steps
Frustrated Sequence2
Wash hands
Winter Dress sequence
Winter Dressing sequence2
Ask/Give Info Card Game
for conversation skills.  Created by Valerie Hannah.  Posted 11/5/09.
Ask/Give Info Game
Communication Tale -- Help Me  This social story was written to encourage students to ask for help within the classroom setting.  Created by Margaret Connors.  Posted 11/5/09.
Social Story Help Me

Communication Tales for Secondary Students  Created by Sarah Velmont. Posted 2/15/10.
Being a Greeter
Manners at Lunchtime
Social Scenarios
  Created by  Amy C. Werrett.  Posted 2/27/10.
Social Scenarios
Directions for Social Scenarios
No Biting Social
Communication Tale by Gretchen Mills.  Posted 5/6/10.
No Biting
Brave Loud Voice
Communication Tale by Jill Isaac.  Posted 5/6/10.
Brave Loud Voice
Shopping Social
Communication Tale with Spongebob Created by Stephanie Lucy.  Posted 6/23/10.
Spongebob Shopping Social Story

Riding the School Bus Social Communication Tale  This file is a PowerPoint. By Jan Youell. Posted 6/23/10.
Riding the Bus
Classroom and Recess Social Communication Tales by Felice Clark.  Posted 11/14/10.
Sometimes I Get Frustrated in Class

When I am on the Playground at Recess
Games at School Social Communication Tale for middle school students.  Contributed by Dahlia Ellison.  Posted 11/14/10.
Games at School
Social Communication Skills for young students.  Created by Sara Parks.  Posted 12/10/10.
Recess Story
I'm Sorry Story
Using the Urinal Picture Sequence  Can also be used as a Social Communication Tale.  Created by Shanda Mushrush.  Posted 1/17/11.
Using the Urinal
Conversation Data Sheet Visual to be used for asking questions and making comments.  Created by Megan Hojnacki. Posted 2/19/11.
Conversation Data Sheet
On Topic Conversation Visual Created by Brianne Ruhnke, BCIU #22.  Posted 2/19/11.
On Topic Conversation
On Topic Sample
Table Manners Social Communication Tale by Abby Chibnik.  Posted 4/2/11.
Table Manners
STOP Materials based on the work by Sarah Ward.  Created by Michelle Ostrow, BCIU#22.  Posted 4/16/11.
STOP and Get the Facts
STOP Rubric
Social Smarts Book Print, laminate, bind.  By Kathryn Yourkin. Posted 4/16/11.
Social Smarts Book
Turn Taking Visual to show what interrupting -- when words "crash" -- looks like.  By Kathryn Yourkin. Posted 4/16/11.
Turn Taking Visual
Negative Outburst Visual for children who have a hard time differentiating between what they should and shouldn't say.  By Kathryn Yourkin. Posted 4/16/11.
Negative Outburst Visual
PowerPoints for Social and Functional Skills  by Rachel Bohnhoff.  Posted 4/16/11.

Communication Messages
Taking Notes
Good/Bad Summer Behavior  Sorting activity can also be used to elicit expressive language.  Posted 9/1/11.
Good/badSummer Behavior1
Like/Love Social Communication Tales Created by Judy Walter.  Posted 10/16/11.
I Like You
I Love You
Whole Body Listening Checklist
for self-monitoring attention. Created by Lauren McCulley, BCIU #22.  Posted 10/16/11.
Whole Body Listening Checklist
Emotions Without Labels  Created by Brandie Torres.  Posted 10/16/11.
Going to Potty in School Communication Tale PowerPoint by Kristina Parr.  Posted 12/15/11.
Going to Potty in School
Pragmatics Self-Evaluation Checklist for Participating in Group Activities by Amy Jones.  Posted 12/15/11.
Student Self-Eval Checklist
Student Self-Eval Directions
Asking for Clarification Aid by Bree Geibel.  Posted 12/15/11.
Asking for Clarification
Asking for Clarification Visual

Losing Social Communication Tale
by Whitney Bromley. Posted 2/7/12
Losing Social Comm Tale
Voice Volume Chart by Susan Carrillo.  Posted 3/3/12
Voice Volume Chart
Mr. Worry Social Communication Tale by Shelby Mutchie.  Posted 3/3/12.
Mr. Worry Story
Problem Solving Scenarios Created by Angie Fleming.  Posted 6/10/12
Problem Solving Cards
Problem Solving Directions
Cause/Predict Scenarios  Created by Angie Fleming.  Posted 6/10/12
Personal Narrative Ring Created by Amy Federer.  Posted 6/10/12
Personal Narrative Ring
Pragmatics - Following Directions  Created by Pat Mervine. Posted 10/17/12.
Pragmatics Directions
Pragmatics Letter
Taking Turns Social Communication Tale Posted 2/15/13.

Taking Turns Story
My Peanut Allergy Social Communication Tale  This story is intended to help students understand and explain to others their peanut allergy.  It has been created in a Word Document for easy editing.  Simply type in the student’s name, school, and print.  It includes pictures as well as sentence strips so the student can practice saying, “I am allergic to peanuts.” Crated by Jennifer Curtiss.  Posted 10/22/13.

My Peanut Allergy Story

Greeting and Weekend Cards  Pragmatic cards for elementary students working on answering "how are you?" and "how was your weekend?" Includes correct and incorrect answers. Use for answering questions, matching questions to answers, and determining which follow-up question goes with the responses. Created by Kiki Crider. Posted 11/7/13.
Greeting and Weekend Cards
TurnTaking Visual & Directions  by Kate D'Agostino.  Posted 1/26/14.
TurnTaking Visual
TurnTaking Directions

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