Play-based Communication Boards for preschool. Created by Gretchen Curtis. Posted 1/24/07.





Pocket-Sized Communication Board for functional, portable communication in the community.

Print back-to-back on card stock with the Alphabet and Number Board to provide a multitude of options on

one compact page.  By Kelly Martin.

Pocket-Sized Communication Board

AlphaNumeric Board

Communication Board for LunchLunch Board
My Weekend A communication board that enables students to tell others what they did over the weekend.

My Weekend Directions

My Weekend

Weekend 1

Weekend 2

Play-based Communication Materials for preschool

Dolls Board

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Playing Babydolls

AAC Topic Setting Conversation Boards. Use "as is" or use as the basis for creating your own personalized boards.

Music Chat

Out to Eat Chat

Shopping Chat

Sports Chat

TV Chat

Visiting Chat

Child's Play Communication Boards for playing with toys. Contributed by D. Rusch (SLPTalk)

Bristle Lego Board

Bristle Symbols

Lego Symbols

Markers Board

Markers Symbols

Playdoh Board

Playdoh Symbols

What's Your Favorite? Use to help students ask and answer social questions.

Expand to increase participation in additional topics. By Monique Bird.

Favorite Class

Favorite Holiday

Weather Bear Materials to help students ask/answer questions during this familiar Morning Circle routine.

Weather Bear 1

Weather Bear 2

Weather Bear 3

Show 'n Tell All students can participate in this expressive communication activity with

these communication boards and tips.







Hassle Board for students with expressive problems and problematic behavior. This can be used to express

the problem and propose a solution.

Hassle Board 1

Hassle Board 2

5 Little Ducks Song Board by Gwendolyn Smith. Posted 7/18/07.
5 Little Ducks

Preschool/Early Elementary Visual Communication Aids. Created by

Alyssa Preddie-Allen, Kari Myers, Paula Paul, and Karen Murray.

Action Cards



Bean Bags





Clean up

Cut Paste


Gross Motor 1

Gross Motor 2





Water Table

Wheels on the Bus

Can you tell me about yourself? Conversation aid by June Cabal. Posted 7/23/08.
Can You Tell Me?
Conversation Strips and Aids by June Cabal. Posted 7/23/08.

Conversation Strips


I want to

Being Lost - generic

Being Lost - boy

Being Lost - girl

Describing People 1

Describing People 2

My Routine at Home

Making Purchases

My Day at School by Amy Baxter.  Posted 9/29/08.My Day at School

Wheels on the Bus Song in symbols. Print multiple copies of repeated line pages as needed.

Created by Tanya Wescott.  Posted 10/15/08.

Cover Page

Wheels Go Round

All through the Town









Song all done

Knock Knock Jokes created by Heather Welling.  Posted 11/21/08.
Knock Knock Jokes
Yes/No Cards Submitted by Megan Hojnacki.  Posted 3/29/09.
Yes/No Cards
AAC Communication Log Submitted by Megan Hojnacki. Posted 5/18/09.
Communication Log
Itsy Bitsy Spider AAC Song Submitted by Tanya Wescott.  Posted 5/18/09.

Itsy Bitsy 1

Itsy Bitsy 2

Itsy Bitsy 3

Itsy Bitsy Cover

All done

AAC Home Questionnaire to encourage home use of AAC devices by including personal and other

relevant vocabulary on the device for the home setting.  This can go home to parents when

introducing a new device or updating a current one. Submitted by Tarra Bailey.  Posted 12/14/09.

AAC Home Questionnaire

Help Card Cut and paste each card on the front/back of a 3x5 index card.  Use in the classroom as

a visual aid for students who need assistance in asking for help.  Green=Working Fine,

Red=Need Help.  Created by Megan Hojnacki. Posted 2/19/11.

Help Card
Nursery Rhymes & Songs in Symbols  Created by Barbara Winson Riedel.  Posted 7/27/12.


Brown Bear1

Brown Bear 2

Jack and Jill

Rain Rain Go Away

5 Little Monkeys1

5 Little Monkeys 2

5 Little Monkeys 3

Colorful Language Poster by Pat Mervine. Use as a reminder to give AAC users access

to the full range of communicative functions. Posted 2/27/16.  Revised 12/11/16.

Colorful Language Poster

Topic-Setting Board by Pat Mervine. Use to help students with poor articulation to establish

context and clarify misunderstood messages.  Posted 2/27/16.

Topic Setting Board
Color Coding Guide for AAC device programming. Contributed by Pat Mervine. Posted 1/25/16.
Color Coding Guide
Library Core Board by Kathryn Helland.  Posted 1/25/16.
Library Core Board
Big and Little Core Word Books for NovaChat and PRC devices.  Created by Annie Dickinson. Posted 8/23/16.

Big and Little 45

Big and Little 84

Big and Little NovaChat

AAC Activity Analysis  Teachers and SLPs can use this form to examine activities already in place and to

plan new activities that maximize opportunities for multiple types of messages. Created by Pat Mervine. Posted 10/2/16.

AAC Activity Analysis

Intelligibility Tally  Use to collect baseline data on verbal output of students with low verbal skills, then

compare to data collected during AAC device trials.  Created by Pat Mervine.  Posted 10/2/16.

Intelligibility Tally
Eagles Fight Song Symbol-version of the fight song of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Created by Karen Newburg.  Posted 1/31/18.Eagles Fight Song

AAC and Core Language Materials

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