Auditory Processing and Listening

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Listening Strategies A visual reminder for using good listening behaviors in the classroom.

Created by Debra Steading. Posted 5/4/06.

Listening Strategies.pdf
Auditory Processing Materials From Jennifer Wetter. Posted 7/12/06.
AudProcess Sentences.pdf
AudProcess Either-Or.pdf
AudProcess If-Then.pdf
AudProcess 1-step Directions.pdf
AudProcess Otherwise.pdf
AudProcess 3-step directions.pdf
AudProcess Yes/no.pdf
Auditory Processing Informational Handout for teachers and parents on the 5 major components of auditory processing
Auditory Processing Handout.pdf
Good Listener Poster 
Be A Good Listener.pdf
Listening Poster by Jessica Kulp, CCIU.
Listening Poster.pdf

Auditory Processing Guide a visual aid for students with weak auditory processing skills.

Created by Carol Crabb. Posted 1/14/08.

Listening for Rhymes by Holly Ocampo. Posted 3/19/08.
Rhyme with Can
Rhyme with Cat

Following 2 Step Directions Place velcro strips onto the template and then students are provided

with a visual cue for remembering that the directions have 2 parts. I put one gross motor choice

and one more academic type choice.  Created by Malka Koretzky.  Posted 11/21/08.

2 Step Board
2 Step Items 
Memory Strategies Created by Megan Hojnacki.  Posted 3/29/09.
Memory Strategies
Active Worker Cue sheet to promote the use of active listening strategies. Created by Cherri Hatzog.  Posted 12/14/09.
Active Worker
Listening For Absurdities Bingo   Posted 2/19/11.
Listening Bingo1 
Listening Bingo2 
Listening Bingo3 
Listening Bingo4 
Listening Bingo5 
Listening Bingo CallingCards