Thought Provoking Quotes for May is Better Hearing & Speech Month Share with colleagues,

read on Morning Announcements, include in emails and newsletters. Great reminders of why we do what we do!

Better Hearing & Speech Poster to promote Safe Listening
Noise Poster

Water Bottle Gift Tag A great gift for the staff of your school. Print each page, write your name where

it says "gift from." Copy to make a 2-sided document on brightly colored paper. Cut to create three

2-sided tags, punch a hole in each and tie to a bottle of water. Info for these tags was gleaned from

Vocal Therapy Web Index and various voice therapy textbooks.

BSHM Water1
BSHM Water2
BHSM Posters and Handouts

Vocal Hygiene Tips for Teachers Celebrate May is BHSM by posting this valuable information

in the teachers' lounge.

Vocal Health Tips
BHSM "Did You Know?" Informational Pages  Posted 4/22/08.
BSHM Directions
Week 1: Did you know?
Week 2: Hi-5 Language
Week 3: Hearing Loss
Week 4: Fluency
Week 5: Voice
BHSM Materials Created by Megan Hojnacki.  Posted 3/29/09.
BSHM Announcements
Hearing Poster Bad News
Hearing Poster Good News
Loudness Poster
Vocal Hygiene Poster

BHSM Speech/Language/Reading Comprehension Activities for secondary students. 

Created by Truvine Walker.  Posted 5/18/09.

Description of BSHM Activities

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

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