Minimal Pairs Worksheet
S and SH Contrasts.pdf
SH and CH Contrasts.pdf
CH Sentence Stories by Lisa Dandrea. Posted 11/20/07.
CH Sentence Story1. pdf
CH Sentence Story2.pdf
SH Homework Pages by Holly Ocampo. Posted 3/19/08.
SH Binder 
/y/ Initial and Medial Cards by Julie Whitworth.  Posted 10/15/08.
 /y/ Initial & Medial
/y/ Pictures submitted by Christine Williams. Posted 3/15/09.
/y/ Pictures

Final /ch/ Bingo.  Print out one copy of each board and one extra copy to cut into "calling pieces." 

Laminate the boards for durability. Magnetic bingo chips and wands work well with this game. 

Created by Amy Thacker.  Posted 6/7/09.

/ch/ Bingo 1
/ch/ Bingo 2
/ch/ Bingo 3

/y/ Color Articulation Game “Uno-type” game with “articulation” picture cards (can create for any sounds, blends, etc). 

Created by Andrea Seik.  Posted 9/13/09.

/y/ color game
/sh/ Sentences Posted 11/1/09.
sh sentences
Speech Pyramid /sh, ch/ Created by Lauren McCulley, BCIU #22.  Posted 11/5/09.
/ch/ Book by Chana Juravel.  Posted 2/15/10.
CH Book
/ch/ Match-up  by Mya Hart.  Posted 1/17/11.
/ch/ Match-up
Y Materials by Carol Larson.  Posted 4/2/11.
y initial words 
You have 
Yellow-not yellow 
Yellow-not yellow2 
Final /sh/ and /ch/ Minimal Pairs by Gail Baildon (Australia). Posted 5/18/11.
/ch/ final minimal pairs
/sh/ final minimal pairs
/sh, ch/ Discrimination in initial and medial positions by Elissa Dember.  Posted 3/3/12.
/sh, ch/ Initial Discrim
/sh,ch/ Medial Discrim
Initial /sh, ch/ Minimal Pairs by Erin Willis.  Posted 3/28/15.

/sh, ch/ Minimal Pairs

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