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Fluency Strategies Bookmarks Print on cardstock and cut into strips for students working

on fluency carryover.

Stuttering Resources on the Web
Stuttering Websites
Fluency Guides for Self Monitoring Created by Carol Carpenter, BCIU #22

Fluency1 Speak Slowly

Fluency2 OneWord

Fluency3 Breathing

Fluency4 Gentle Voice

Fluency5 Gentle Touch

Fluency6 Keep Moving

Fluency7 Speech Helpers

Breathing Exercises for fluency created by Danielle Hamberg. Posted 11/20/07
Breathing Exercises
Speech Easy Evaluation Form and Cover Letter  From Kristine Hampton.  Posted 4/3/08.

Teacher Eval Form

Cover letter

Red Box Talking Chart to promote appropriate speaking rate.  Reposted 9/6/08.
Red Box Talking
Natural Speech -- Is it in you? Fluency Materials by Debbie Dungen. Posted 9/28/08.
Natural Speech Directions
Natural Speech Journal
Fluency Materials for awareness and self monitoring.  Submitted by Jessica Curry.  Posted 2/27/10.
Fluency Voices
Fluency Voices Strip
I heard Fluency
I used normal soft speech.
Loosen the tightness.
My air stopped or flowed.
Stuttering Sounds Stuck 

Fluency Monitoring Checklist    Here is a fluency monitoring checklist I just created for some

of my students who need self awareness practice and/or to generalize fluency shaping

strategies at home.  Parents are to pick a one hour time slot in which their child should tally their

disfluencies and strategies used for smoother speech.  Parents should use one of the charts to

monitor their child as well.  After the hour is up parent and child can compare their charts and

discuss the results.  In addition, the student will bring the chart with them to speech on a

weekly basis for data collection purposes and review.  Contributed by Nicole Steif. 

Posted 4/10/12.

Fluency Monitoring Checklist
Fluency Pacing Board by Jenna Rayburn.  Posted 6/23/10.
Fluency Pacing Board

Stuttering Reminder Card for carrying over fluency skills.  Contributed by Amanda

Dexter.  Posted 12/15/11.

Stuttering Reminder Card