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Summer Therapy Packets: Distribute with Reward Calendars. Created by Michelle Ostrow.
Artic JUNE
Summer Program Parent Letter 1Artic JULY
Summer Program Parent Letter 2Artic AUGUST
Reward Calendar JUNELanguage JUNE
Reward Calendar JULYLanguage JULY
Reward Calendar AUGUSTLanguage AUGUST

Fluency JUNE

Fluency JULY

Fluency AUGUST

Voice JUNE

Voice JULY

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for September

Sept Week 1

Sept Week 2
Sept Week 3

Sept Week 4

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for October

Oct Week 1

Oct Week 2

Oct Week 3
Oct Week 4

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for November

Nov Week 1

Nov Week 2
Nov Week 3

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for December

Dec Week 1

Dec Week 2
Dec Week 3

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for January

Jan Week 1
Jan Week 2

Jan Week 3

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for February

Feb Week 1

Feb Week 2

Feb Week 3

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for March

Mar Week 1

Mar Week 2

Mar Week 3

Mar Week 4

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for April

Apr Week 1

Apr Week 2

Apr Week 3

Weekly Speech/Language Homework for May

May Week 1

May Week 2

May Week 3

Summer Programs for Artic Practice and Carryover from Lisa Klemka. Posted 6/1/06.

Summer Artic Program

Summer Carryover

Speech Practice in a Box Motivating homework for speech practice by Deborah Adamczyk.

Posted 7/18/07.

Speech Practice in a Box

Summer Activities to Build Language Skills A list of suggestions for parents to engage students in

language-rich activities. Created by Gerry Warmingham, BCIU #22. Posted 7/20/07.

Summer Language Activities
Summer Homework Questionnaire and Folder Cover  By Jessica Swafford.  Posted 4/27/08.

Summer Homework Questionnaire

Summer Folder Cover

Summer Homework Pages Students can create a cover for their summertime packet. 

E-mail the packetto parents.  (Add your e-mail address to the journal section if you'd like

them to write to you over the summer).  There is a list of activities for language and articulation. 

Activities are intended for a range of ages with parent involvement.

Created by  Emily Richardson. Posted 6/7/09.

Summer Articulation Ideas

Summer Language Ideas