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Materials Exchange Sharing Guidelines

As a user:  You are welcome to print and use all materials on the Materials Exchange pages for educational purposes only. You may not publish or sell these materials without written consent from the contributing author.

No claims, promises, or guarantees are stated or implied by the contributing authors or Speaking of Speech.com. You alone are responsible for applying your professional judgment to the use of any and all of these materials.

As a contributor: (please follow these guidelines closely)
If you would like to share b/w and/or color materials that you’ve created using BOARDMAKER, POWERPOINT or MICROSOFT WORD:

  • Email your files to pat@speakingofspeech.com.
  • Include a page of detailed directions for use (context, target population, adaptations, instructions for assembly if needed, etc.).
  • Include at the bottom of all pages a small (9pt) byline and date, if desired. Example: by Suzy Smith, Oct, 2016, Shady Grove Middle School.


  • In most cases, your materials will be converted to .PDF files to be posted on the web site. All materials MUST have 1/2” margins AT MINIMUM.
  • Materials must be your own original creation.
  • Graphics must be royalty-free, or you must have permission to use graphics for sharing.  The exception is Boardmaker;  I have permission from Mayer-Johnson Company to post materials made with their symbols.

Materials that do not conform to these requirements cannot be posted.  No editing will be done, so please check your work carefully.

Submission to Speaking of Speech.com indicates permission to post on the web site.

Thank you for supporting Speaking of Speech.com!