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Lesson Plans related to children's books.  Posted 1/22/06.
Papa Please.pdf
There's a Mouse

Sample Lesson Plan / Daily Schedule  Contributed by Sheri. In response to requests on the message boards,

this is an example of using an Excel spreadsheet to create a caseload management tool.

Oral Motor and Movement Games with an Olympics theme. Posted 2/13/06.

Lesson Plans for THE MITTEN by Jan Brett.  Detail of class lessons, plus a "tic tac toe" style menu for

assignments that tap into multiple intelligences.  Lessons are linked to Indiana standards. Posted 2/16/06.

The Mitten Lesson Plans
The Mitten Tic Tac Toe
Curious George Lesson Plans and related materials for classroom-based speech/language sessions. Posted 2/2/06.
George Lesson Plans
Curious Parent Letter
Curious Listener Chart
Curious Words Cards
Curious George Quiz

Tone of Voice Lesson  Lesson plan and material for students working on pragmatics. This lesson discusses the

importance of tone of voice and how it can affect a conversation.  Posted 4/27/06.

Tone of Voice 1

Tone of Voice 2

Lesson Plans Format from Kim Phillipi.  The .doc version requires WORD and can be used and modified on the computer.  

The .pdf version can be printed and filled out by hand, but cannot be modified on the computer. Posted 8/8/06.

Lesson Plans Instructions
Lesson Plans.doc
Lesson Plans.pdf

STELLALUNA  Detailed, multifaceted lesson plans for this favorite children's book -- includes vocabulary,

comprehension, craft ideas, and more.  Posted 10/29/06.

Stellaluna Lesson Plan 

A LOST BUTTON Detailed lesson plan on this children's story, includes vocabulary, comprehension questions,

and many related activities. Posted 11/7/06.

A Lost Button Lesson 

THE APPLE PIE TREE Detailed lesson plan includes vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing activities

and more. Posted 11/7/06.

The Apple Pie Tree Lesson
Drawing Conclusions Lesson plan and materials.  Created by Ana Paula Mumy.  Posted 1/7/07.
DrawingConclusions Wksht

Lesson Plan Format By popular request, Kim from NJ contributed her Lesson Plan Format and instructions

for its use.  Posted 10/12/05.

Lesson Plan Format 

The Story Quilt Thematic Unit Lesson Plans  Exceptionally detailed lesson plans to engage students

in using multiple intelligences as they learn about themselves and their families.  Many IEP

objectives are addressed in this thematic unit which also includes scoring rubrics. Created by

Natalie Verta, BCIU #22.  Posted 4/13/08.

Story Quilt Lesson Plans
Speech/Language Collaboration Form Created by Megan Hojnacki.  Posted 3/29/09.
Speech/Language Collaboration Form
Lesson Plan Blank Form A WORD doc that can be modified. Submitted by Jennifer Roberts.  Posted 6/4/10.
Lesson Plan Blank

Discussion Guide / Writing Prompts for "How Katie Got a Voice (and a cool new nickname)" 

created by Pat Mervine.  Posted 8/10/12.

Katie Discussion Guide
Blank Lesson Plan Schedule  A WORD doc that can be modified.  Submitted by Anna Wahl.  Posted 8/20/13.
Blank Lesson Plan Schedule
Session Plan Sheets An Excel doc that can be modified.  Submitted by Jenni Murray.  Posted 4/2/14.
Session Plan Sheets