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Life Skills

Choice-Making Board by Stacy Law. Posted 10/11/06.
I Want Board
I Want Choices

Grooming Items Use these cards and board for receptive and expressive communication during grooming,

for object/picture matching, and picture/picture matching. From Jody Getson. Posted 10/29/06.

Grooming Items Board
Grooming Items Cards

Find It! Communication Book and AAC device vocabulary practice. From Debbie Dungen. Use to help students learn the

location of vocabulary on AAC aids. A sample is provided. If you have Boardmaker, use the blank form

ending .bm2. If you don't have Boardmaker, use the blank form ending in .pdf (cannot be modified on the computer).

Posted 10/29/06.

Communication Book Sample
Comm. Book Blank.bm2
Comm. Book Blank.pdf
Personal Info Sheet to help students learn address, phone, etc. From Beth Heile. Posted 1/14/07.
Personal Info Sheet

Simplified Daily Take-Home Info Sheet These pages can be sent home at the end of the day.

Parents are encouraged to help their child circle or check the appropriate choices and fill in

"other" for activities not listed. Helpful for non-verbal and low-verbal students so they can

share what they did last night. Created by Debbie Dungen.

HomeStuff 1
Cause or Effect Worksheet Posted 7/25/06.
Cause or Effect
Follow-up for Restaurant Activity
Restaurant Worksheet
Behavior Chart for Home & School
Behavior Chart Directions
Home Behavior Cover
Home Behavior Chart
Home Rules
Home Awards
School Behavior Cover
School Behavior Chart
School Awards
School Rules

I Want This requesting game
I want this 1
I want this 2
I want this 3
I want this 4

Parent Handout on Prompting Meaningful Communication Developed for parents of autistic

students, this handout describes a technique for eliciting more naturally flowing speech.

Improving Utterances

Pragmatic Communication Skills Use these "fact sheets" as handouts, social stories, or posters

for the speech room. Created by Amy Stalletti, BCIU #22.

Eye Contact Facts
Interrupting Facts
Toothbrushing Guide A visual aid for thorough toothbrushing.
Toothbrushing Guide
Calendar Time Communication board & visual aid for date and weather information
Calendar Time
Map Skills Bingo Created by Christine Silverstri, Central Bucks SD
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
Map 5
Map 6
Map Cards
My Family Tree Use to help students see how they fit into the family.
My Family Tree
Number Lines Use these to help students visualize performance on classwork and homework.
Grade Number Line
Homework NumberLine
Fire Drill Visual Aid
Fire Drill Report
Communication Form Letter to share news from school with parents. By Gwendolyn Smith. Posted 7/18/07.
Daily Home Communication

Guide for Solving Math Word Problems  This guide can be a poster for the classroom or can be reduced as

a mini-guide for each student's desk. Submitted by Nicole Streif. Posted 1/21/07.

How to Solve Math Story Problems
Pledge of Allegiance in symbols to depict the meaning of the text.
Pledge of Allegiance
Community Signs Bingo to teach safety signs
Sign Bingo 1
Sign Bingo 2
Sign Bingo 3
Sign Bingo 4
Sign Bingo Cards
Survival Signs A symbol match game. Created by Beth Rodts. Posted 9/26/07.
Survival Signs

Daily Note and Weekend Worksheet For communication about daily events. Created by Julie Adinolfi.

Posted 9/26/07.

Weekend worksheet

Daily Note

Taste Test Use in conjunction with cooking activities. Created by Danielle Hamberg. Posted 11/3/07.
Taste Test

Functions Around the House Symbol-based worksheets to introduce discussion of the functions of items in the house.

Created by Gail Rance. Posted 12/17/07.

Living Room Functions
Bedroom Functions
Kitchen Functions
Math Aids.  Created by June Cabal.  Posted 7/23/08.
Greater Than/Less Than
Communitive Property of Addition
Math Aids for Multiplication & Division.  Created by June Cabal. Posted 11/3/08.
Multiplication 3 Digit
Division Template 
Sink or Float? Activity Created by Shanda Mushrush.  Posted 3/15/09.
Sink or Float?
Sink or Float? Directions
Counting Coins Visual Aid Created by Christine Crawford.  Posted 3/28/09.
Counting Coins
Apple Tasting Activity Created by Allison Gerber, BCIU #22.  Posted 11/1/09.
Apple Tasting
Apple Tasting2
Color Associations  Pair colors with nouns.  Submitted by Suzanne Scrivener and Jodie Day.  Posted 11/5/09.
Color Association
Object Function Materials for home or school use.  Created by Kim Scharoff.  Posted 11/5/09.
Justin object function 1
Justin object function 2
Justin object function 3
object functioncommunication board
8 question template
Where Materials for home or school use.  Created by Kim Scharoff.  Posted 11/5/09. Justin where1
Justin where2
Daily Weather Sheet Pictures for low-level readers.  Created by Kim Scharoff.  Posted 11/5/09.  
Daily Weather Pix
Temporal Events and Sequencing Submitted by Amy Werrett.  Posted 10/10/10.
Temporal Events and Sequencing
How Many Counting Book by Pamela McCauley.  Posted 10/10/10.
How many Directions
How many 1
How many 2
How many 3
How many 4
How many 5
How many Title
Where is the Dog Book by Pamela McCauley.  Posted 10/10/10.Where is the Dog Directions
Where Book 1
Where Book 2
Where Book 3
Where Book 4
Color Choices Sentence Strip  Posted 9/1/11.
Color Choices
__ Is Used for ___ Sorting by Function Activity  Posted 9/1/11.
Is Used for Board
Is Used for Choices
Weather Report Journal by Kelly Hunter.  Posted 9/1/11.
Weather Report Journal

What Did You Do Today? graphic organizer for verbal and written expression.

Created by Katie Stoneman.  Posted 10/16/11.

What Did You Do Organizer
What Did You Do Example 
Sorting Things that Melt by Michelle Rodriguez.  Posted 12/15/11.
Sorting Things that Melt
Grocery Store PowerPoint Created by Laura Scholten. Posted 2/7/12.

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