Story Comprehension Activity Cut cards apart, glue on poster board or large construction paper, laminate.

After reading a story or passage, have the children throw a bean bag at the board and have them

answer the comprehension question where the bag lands. By Kim Mourlas. Posted 12/17/06.

Story Narrative Activity to help students understand the elements of a story. Created by Ana Paula Mumy. Posted 1/7/07.
Story Narrative Directions
Story Narrative Worksheet
Story Square Worksheet

What's the Story in Speech? Materials for lower functioning students: a symbol/text book review form

and messages for use in the library. Posted 11/1/05.

Library Messages
Book Review
Symbol-Based Writing Activity from Kris in Iowa. Posted 1/25/06.
Symbol Writing Board
Symbol Writing Words
Symbol Aids for the Iowa Skills Test of Basic Concepts From Iowa SLPs. Posted 1/15/06.
ITBS Toolbelt Choices
ITBS Trifold
Phrase Reading and Comprehension Worksheet
Halloween Phrases
School Phrase Reading 1
School Phrase Reading 2
Zoo Worksheet1
Zoo Phrase Reading
Storytelling Map posted 9/19/05.
Storytelling Map
PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST vocabulary symbol cards. Posted 9/19/05.
Pancakes for Breakfast

Rhyming Activity for the story THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN WHO SWALLOWED A BAT

by Lucille Colandro. Posted 10/12/05.

Old Lady Rhyming
Rhyming Word Pairs from Tracy Gefroh Boyd. Print on Avery Business Card sheets to make a quick and easy card game.
Rhyme Cards1
Rhyme Cards2
Rhyme Cards3
Rhyme Cards4
Symbol-based Book Report for low- and non-readers and/or writers
Dr. Seuss Classroom Activity: OUR MANY COLORED MEAL BOOK
Rainbow Meal Directions
Rainbow Meal Cover
Rainbow Pages
Rainbow Meal End
Rainbow Color Labels

IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO THE MOVIES Activity teaches pronouns, sentence-building,

and associations between objects and places in the context of a favorite children's book.

Mouse Directions
Mouse Sentence
Mouse 1
Mouse 2
Mouse 3
Mouse 4
Mouse 5
Mouse 6
Story Report by Jessica Kulp, CCIU
Story Report
Story Map Visual aid to help students recall and organize elements of stories
Story Telling Map
Story Map A graphic organizer for a language lesson using text, stickers, or drawings. Posted 7/19/07.
Find the Rhyme sentences with symbols. Posted 8/16/07.

Going to Grandma's House Book, overlay, worksheets, and other extension activities related to

packing for a visit. Reposted 12/2/07.

Grandmas House Title
Grandmas House 1
Grandmas House2
Grandmas House3
Grandmas House4
Grandmas House5
Grandmas House6
Grandmas House7
Grandmas House8
Grandmas House9
Grandmas House10
Grandmas House11
Grandmas House12
Grandmas House13
Grandmas House14
Grandmas House Worksheet1
Grandmas House Worksheet2
Grandmas Pics1
Grandmas Pics2
Grandmas Pics3
Grandmas Pics4
Cat in the Hat Bingo from Alison Gerber, BCIU #22.
Cat in the Hat Bingo1
Cat in the Hat Bingo2
Cat in the Hat Bingo3
Cat in the Hat Cards

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Paste the symbols in the book to support non- and emerging readers

and AAC users.  From Tara Quirke.  Posted 4/22/08.

This is a Bear simple story comprehension page by Pamela Hunter.  Posted 8/30/08.
This is a Bear


Materials to support these favorite children's books submitted by Deb Heath-Rogers.  Posted 11/21/08.

Mouse Movies
Mouse Places
Mouse Cookies 

Mouse Directions

THE IMPORTANT BOOK Materials created by Deb Heath-Rogers.  Posted 11/21/08.
Important Book 


with the kids and have them physically act out the parts of the story, e.g.

"The shirt went shake-shake." You can use the old clothes to build a scarecrow when you

finish reading and acting out the story. It's great - repetitive, action oriented, and simple vocabulary.

It's also great negative "I'm not afraid of you!"  Submitted by Deb Heath-Rogers.  Posted 11/21/08.

Little Old Lady

Rime Sort Phonological Awareness Activity This activity that encourages young students to say

words, listen to their own production and match it to the printed rime. Laminate the "clear"

form and put Velcro in the empty circles, then laminate/cut out the little pictures and put the

Velcro on the back. The student picks out a picture (turn them all over so the picture can't

be seen), says the word and sticks it under the appropriate rime. a difficult activity made a

bit more active and enjoyable!  By Pam Shelton.  Posted 1/25/09.

Rime Sort Choices
Rime Sort Template

Where is the Sound? Chart and Directions for auditory discrimination and phonological awareness. 

Submitted by Tim Ayrovainen.  Posted 1/25/09.

Where's the Sound Chart
Where's the Sound Directions 
Gingerbread Man book. Submitted by Tracie Williams.  Posted 1/26/09.

Listening, Vocabulary, and Narrative Activity for "The Hat" by Jan Brett.  Contributed by Peggy Butler. 

Posted 3/15/09.

The Hat Listening Activity
The Hat Directions
The Hat Symbols

Going on a Bear Hunt Activity. Bear Hunt 2-4 all go together to make a lesson for under and over. 

Sentence strips (Bear Hunt 4) can be created with a "fill in" format  to answer the question Is it Over or Under? 
Bear Hunt can make cards for story telling,  use for sequencing,  retelling, matching pictures, location, etc..

Contributed by Sheri Phillips Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA. Posted 3/15/09.

Bear Hunt
Bear Hunt2
Bear Hunt3
Bear Hunt4
Bear Hunt Tech Talk 8

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow These 3 pages make book matching clothing to body parts.

Students can point, cut/paste, or verbalize their answers. Contributed by Sheri Phillips,

Gwinnett Co Public Schools, GA.  Posted 3/28/09.

The Jacket I Wear 1
The Jacket I Wear 2
Wear book cover
The Three Little Kittens Rhyming pairs worksheet.  Created by Abby Chibnik.  Posted 3/28/09.
The Three Little Kittens​

One Brown Bunny Activity  Cut out these props for acting the book by Marion Dane Bauer. 

Contributed by Marilyn Morgan.  Posted 5/3/09.

1 Brown Bunny1
1 Brown Bunny2
1 Brown Bunny3
1 Brown Bunny4
1 Brown Bunny5
1 Brown Bunny6
1 Brown Bunny7
1 Brown Bunny8
1 Brown Bunny9
1 Brown Bunny10

Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse Preposition practice for the book by Lindsay Barrett George. 

Contributed by Deb Heath-Rogers.  Posted 5/3/09.

Inside Mouse1
Inside Mouse2
Inside Mouse3
Inside Mouse4
Inside Mouse5
Inside Mouse6 
Story Star Visuals for defining story elements. Contributed by Marilyn Morgan.  Posted 5/3/09.
Are You My Mother?  visual supports.  Submitted by Deb Heath-Rogers.  Posted 5/13/09.
Are you my mother? 

Rainy Day Slug by Mary Palenick Colborn.  Follow-up activity using prepositions. Use a small plastic frog that

one student places somewhere in the room. A classmate uses the sentence sentence strip to ask "where is your frog?"

the other student responds "my frog is_____ the _____."  Created by Brianne Ruhnke, BCIU #22.  Posted 6/7/09.

Preposition QA1
Preposition QA2 

Warthogs in the Kitchen: A Sloppy Counting Book.  Symbols for low readers and AAC users. 

Created by Jenny Parker. Posted 10/25/09/

Warthogs in the Kitchen1
Warthogs in the Kitchen2
Warthogs Instructions

3 Scene Sequencing Visual support for sequencing, story telling and retelling.  Also targets synonyms. 

Created by Jennifer Brezel Kulkin.  Posted 11/5/09.

3 Scene Sequencing
When It Rains book and related materials.   Posted 5/6/10.
When it Rains
Coloring Cards
Big vs. Little Coloring
Story Comprehension Mat Created by Lauren Harris.  Posted 5/6/10.
Story Comprehension Mat
Story Comprehension Directions

Materials for "We're Making Breakfast for Mother" by Shirley Neitzel. One file is the tray, the other is

the pictures to put on the tray to be used as a sequencing and recalling activity.  Posted 10/20/10.

Pictures for Tray

Sequencing 4-Step Visual Graphic Organizer for retelling stories using sequencing terminology. 

Created by Megan Hojnacki. Posted 2/19/11.

Sequencing 4-Step
Multisyllabic Words Worksheets for counting syllables. Contributed by Mya Hart.  Posted 4/2/11.

5 Point Scale Story  geared toward K-2nd grade population.  This rhyming story that closely matches

Brown Bear, Brown Bear is an excellent tool for teaching the 5-Point Scale.  The instructions are

minimal.  Students add their names on the lines and color.  Created by Karen Russell. Posted 4/16/11.

5 Point Scale

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Book  Print, then reorder pages to create a visual support for this

well-known song.  Posted 5/18/11.

Twinkle Twinkle Book
Visuals for "There was an old lady who..." Created by Melissa Ward. Posted 9/1/11.
Swallowed Some Snow
Swallowed a Pie

Question Follow-ups for many Jan Brett and other popular children's books  Created by Nikki Harty. 

Posted 12/15/11.

Jan Brett Lessons
Literature Lessons

Reading for Meaning A visual to help students use effective strategies for comprehension. 

Created by Pat Mervine.  Posted 10/17/12.

Reading for Meaning


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