Consonant-Vowel Flashcards from Nancy Appletoft.Print on cardstock, cut in half.  Posted 11/15/06.
CV set 1.pdf
CV set 2.pdf
Consonant Vowel Consonant Flashcards from Nancy Appletoft. Print on cardstock, cut in half. Posted 11/15/06.
CVC set 1.pdf
CVC set 2.pdf
CVC set 3.pdf
CVC set 4.pdf
CVC set 5.pdf
Teacher Articulation Materials from Lacey Decker. To help teachers work on common error sounds in the classroom. Posted 11/15/06.
CH artic cards.pdf
F artic cards.pdf
G artic cards.pdf
K artic cards.pdf
SH artic cards.pdf
TH artic cards.pdf
V artic cards.pdf
Z artic cards.pdf
Artic Sound Sequences & Cards from Jennifer Wetter. Posted 11/15/06.
Sequence Sheet Directions.pdf
Sequence AE-OHO.pdf
Sequence AEI-OOU.pdf
Sequence AHA-EEI.pdf
Sequence Bee-baa.pdf
Sequence Bee-boo.pdf
Sequence CAT.pdf
Sequence CHOKE-CHUNK.pdf
Sequence EEI-OOU.pdf
Sequence EYE-OH.pdf
Sequence FAY-FEE.pdf
Sequence BEEF-LEAF.pdf
Sequence HALF-LAUGH.pdf
Sequence FOUR-FORK.pdf
Sequence F initial.pdf
Sequence FOX-FOOT.pdf
Sequence JUMP-JAR.pdf
Sequence J initial.pdf
Sequence KEY-KAY.pdf
Sequence P final.pdf
Sequence P initial.pdf
Sequence SCV.pdf
Sequence SH-CH.pdf
Sequence SHACK-SACK.pdf
Sequence SHIP-SIP.pdf
Sequence SHOE-CHEW.pdf
Sequence SH initial.pdf
Sequence ST initial.pdf
Sequence S final.pdf
Sequence SACK-SUN.pdf
Sequence SINK-SUN.pdf
Artic Posters of mouth positions of commonly misariculated sounds. From Rebecca Niland. Posted 12/4/06.
Artic Poster FV.pdf
Artic Poster KG.pdf
Artic Poster R.pdf
Artic Bingo Games /r/ and /l/ by Renee Rosenberg. Print on cardstock, cut one gameboard apart for calling cards. Posted 12/4/06.
Medial L bingo.pdf
Medial L bingo2.pdf
R Bingo1.pdf
R Bingo 2.pdf
R Bingo 3.pdf
Artic Sound Posters for /r,s,z/. From Kimberly Dennison. Posted 12/17/06.
R Speech Sound poster.pdf
S-Z Speech Sound poster.pdf
Phoneme Caps Game Clever game using symbols and bottle caps for specific phoneme practice. From Jessica Hemesath. Posted 4/5/06.
Caps G.pdf
Caps K. pdf
Caps S Blends.pdf
Caps S Blends2.pdf
Phoneme Caps Directions.pdf
Artic Cards and Activities from Jennifer Wetter, Ireland. Posted 6/1/06.
D Word Initial.pdf
D-G minimal pairs.pdf
F Word Initial.pdf
F Initial & Final cards.pdf
G Words.pdf
K Words Initial.pdf
K Words Final.pdf
L Blends.pdf
L Final Activity.pdf
L Final Cards.pdf
Minimal Pairs Pages by Jennifer Wetter. Posted 9/24/06.
MinPairs CH-J.pdf
MinPairs D-T.pdf
MinPairs G-D.pdf
MinPairs L-D.pdf
MinPairs N-D.pdf
MinPairs SH-S.pdf
MinPairs TV-TD.pdf
Sound Specific Artic Pages by Jennifer Wetter. Posted 9/24/06.
G Final cards.pdf
L Initial cards.pdf
N Initial cards.pdf
SH Initial cards.pdf
V Initial cards.pdf

Word Family Flip Books by Nancy Appletoft. Posted 10/11/06.
AN family1.pdf
AN family2.pdf
AT family1.pdf
AT family2.pdf
Artic Practice Materials from Jennifer Wetter. Posted 10/29/06.
Final G Sequence.pdf
Final M Cards.pdf
Initial G Sequence.pdf
Initial L Sequence.pdf
Simon Says Final Sounds A homework page for students who delete final sounds.
Simon Says Finals.pdf
Articulation Cards from Tracy Gefroh Boyd. Print on Avery Business Card sheets. Print duplicates for Go Fish and Memory games.

CH Final Cards1.pdf
CH Final Cards2.pdf
CH Initial Cards1.pdf
CH Initial Cards2.pdf

ER Final cards1.pdf
ER Final Cards2.pdf

R Initial cards1.pdf
R Initial cards2.pdf

J Initial cards.pdf
J Final cards.pdf
J Mixed cards.pdf

L Final Cards1.pdf
L Final Cards2.pdf

OR Cards1.pdf
OR Cards2.pdf

SH Final cards1.pdf
SH Final cards2.pdf
SH Initial Cards.pdf
SH Medial Cards1.pdf
SH Medial Card2.pdf

S Initial Cards1.pdf
S Initial Cards2.pdf
S Final Cards1.pdf
S Final Cards2.pdf

V Initial cards.pdf
V Final cards1.pdf
V Final cards2.pdf

Minimal Pairs Cards Print on cardstock and cut apart.
MinPairs Cards1.pdf
MinPairs Cards2.pdf
MinPairs Cards3.pdf
MinPairs Cards4.pdf
Articulation Materials Cards, worksheets and other visuals for artic therapy
Initial s cards.pdf
Initial s cards2.pdf
Medial s cards.pdf

Initial k cards.pdf

P-B contrasts.pdf

T-D contrasts.pdf

SH Associations.pdf

SH-CH MinPairs.pdf
Listening Practice Pages for phoneme discrimination at the sound or word level
Hear the sound Blank.pdf
Hear TH or F.pdf
Hear Z or S.pdf
/r/ and /s/ Go Fish from Jessica Kulp, CCIU.
R and S GoFish.pdf
Articulation /l,r,s/ Games from Amy Peters. Print on cardstock. Student will roll a die, then choose a picture in the corresponding row to use at the word or sentence level. The student then places a marker on that space. Roll of "6" means "roll again." Play continues until student gets 5 in a row or all spaces are covered. If playing with 2 students, another option is to have them share a gameboard and play like TicTacToe.
L Bingo.pdf
R Bingo.pdf
S Bingo.pdf
S Blend Bingo.pdf
Vocalic R Bingo.pdf
Artic Homework Pages for reinforcement and carryover
K-G Homework.pdf
L Blends.pdf
R homework.pdf
R homework2.pdf
Beginning Sounds Cards for articulation practice. Can be cut apart and used for Phonological Go Fish: "Do you have something that starts with the same sound as pig?"
Initial Sounds.pdf
Articulation Tongue Twisters for /r/ and /g/.  Created by Tara Lemkin.  Posted 3/19/08.
/r/ Tongue Twisters
/g/ Tongue Twisters
Picture Stories for Articulation.  Created by Amy Vrbas.  Posted 3/19/08.
Picture Story Instructions
/k,g/ Picture Story
/th/ Picture Story
/kl, gl/ Game Board by Maureen Taggert, BCIU #22.  Posted 3/19/08.
/kl, gl/ Game Board
FRY Words arranged by common articulation errors.  Created by Ashley Zweifel.  Posted 1/25/09.
/sh, ch, j/ Fry words
/th/ Fry words
/s,z, s blends/ Fry words
/r/ Fry words
/l/ Fry words
Card Games for /pbm/, /fv/, /td/, /kg/  These cards are for working on early developing sounds, pbm,f-v,t-d,and k-g.  Many card games such as “War”, “Uno”, “Crazy Eights”, and Concentration can be played using these cards. In addition to teaching sounds, the kids can learn shapes, colors, same/different, turn taking, and many vocabulary concepts.  Submitted by Kathy Gadbury.  Posted 3/29/09.
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6
Card 7
Card 8
Card 9
Card 10
Articulation Sentence Level Homework Pages Created by Jill Isaac.  Posted 2/15/10.
J sent homework
CH Sent homework
K combo sent homework
K initial sent homework
L sent homework
L blend sent homework
R sent homework
R blend sent homework
S combo sent homework
s initial sent homework
sh sent homework
th sent homework
Various Artic Materials created by Chana Juravel.  Posted 2/15/10.
CVCV words with p and t
g and b sequence sheet
Velar followed by plosives
Various Artic Activities for phrase-level artic practice.  Games involve cut/paste to create take-home books.  Created by Nancy Appletoft.  Posted 12/9/10.
Artic Silly Sandwich
Push Push Push
Washing Washing
Big Animals
Fish Fish Fish
Go 2 word phrase book
Hop Book 
Multisyllabic Words for Articulation Practice  Created by Amy Yahn. Posted 2/19/11.
3 Syllable Words
4 Syllable Words
Final /f/ and /s/ Alternating Sounds by Gail Baildon.  Posted 5/18/11.


Three-Syllable Words for articulation practice.  Created by Brandie Torres.  Posted 10/16/11.
3 Syllable Words 
/t,d,k,g/ Combination Practice Created by Gabrielle Hobbs. Posted 2/7/12.
Alveolar Velar Combo
Final Consonants Created by Jaclyn Kasper. Posted 2/7/12.
Final Consonants1
Final Consonants2
Final Consonants3
Artic Stories with Blends  Created by Amanda Owens.  Posted 6/10/12
Artic Stories - Blends
Phonological Stories for /h/ and /l/ Practice 
These stories are to be used for articulation and phonology practice for the phonemes /l/ and /h/ in initial word positions.  They mostly target repetitive initial word position sounds in sentences.  They can be used for lower grades and with a variety of populations, but are mainly for articulation use.  They can also be sent home for homework.  No assembly required.:-) Created by Aimee Kalchik. Posted 11/10/13.
Happy the Hippo
Lucky the Lion

Mixed Artic Materials

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