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/r/ Exercises To stimulate /r/ with paired sounds (initial and all vowels). From Julia Watt. Posted 11/23/06.
R initial Paired.pdf
R initial2 Paired.pdf
R AIRpaired.pdf 
R AR paired.pdf
R EAR paired.pdf
R IRE paired.pdf
R OR paired.pdf
R KARLA paired.pdf
ER Bingo Posted 12/20/06.
ER bingo 1.pdf
ER bingo 2.pdf
ER bingo 3.pdf
ER bingo 4.pdf
GRRRR /r/ Cards to teach the vocalic /r/.  From Kim Dennison. Posted 4/5/06.
GRRR cards.pdf
W or R? Initial sound discrimination.  From Sherri Laabs. Posted 10/29/06.
W or R.pdf
Minimal Pairs /r,w/
R & W contrast.pdf

/r/ Allophone Poster Symbols illustrate production of vocalic /r/ sounds. Can be used for artic and

auditory discrimination practice.

R Allophone.pdf

/r/ Trick Posters These 3 posters provide visuals for producing /r/ -- tongue placement and tricky word help.

Created by Michelle Cox. Posted 7/19/07.

R Trick Posters.pdf
Vocalic and Initial /r/ Bingo 
Bingo AR.pdf
Bingo AR cards.pdf
Bingo EAR.pdf
Bingo EAR cards.pdf
Bingo Initial R.pdf
Bingo Initial R cards.pdf
Bingo IRE.pdf
Bingo IRE cards.pdf
Bingo OR.pdf
Bingo OR cards.pdf

R or W Worksheet Created by Devin Fishman, BCIU #22.  Posted 6/5/08.
R Sentence Stories by Lisa Dandrea.  Posted 6/19/08.
R SentenceStory1
R SentenceStory2
R Sound Materials by Katie King.  Posted 9/28/08.
R Sweeping Sound
R Sound Poster
R Single Syllable Words  by Malka Koretzky.  Posted 11/21/08.
R Single Syllable Words
/r/ Blends Word Boards by Lisa Dandrea.  Posted 3/15/09.
/r/ blends 1
/r/ blends 2
/r/ blends 3
/r/ blends 4
/r/ blends 5
Vocalic /r/ Sentence Homework by Abby Chibnik.  Posted 3/15/09.
Vocalic /r/ sentence HW 
/r/ Star Practice Worksheet.  Created by Jill Roper.  Posted 5/18/09.
CarryOver Rover Activities for /r/.  Created by Valerie Hannah. Posted 5/18/09.
Vocalic /r/ Sentence Level Tic-Tac-Toe.  Created by Truvine Walker.  Posted 5/18/09.
Vocalic /r/ TicTacToe
Speech Pyramid /r/ Created by Lauren McCulley, BCIU #22.  Posted 11/5/09.
Spanish /r/ Words Created by Melanie Mazur.  Posted 5/6/10.
Spanish R
/r/ Clusters and Contrasts  Created by Melanie Mazur. Posted 5/6/10.
/r/ Clusters
Recurring /r/ Words Created by Megan Mayes.  Posted 5/6/10.
Recurring /r/ words
/r/ Production and Coarticulation materials by Jessica D.  Posted 10/10/10.
/r/ production
coarticulation /r/1
coarticulation /r/2
coarticulation /r/3
R Unscramble Created by Mya Hart.  Posted 1/17/11.
R Unscramble
R Vehicle Artic  Practice with /r/ in all positions, including blends.  Created by Pat Mervine.  Posted 11/12/12
R Vehicle Artic
/r/ Loaded Sentence Practice for grades 4+.  Created by Ann DuChane.  Posted 6/26/13.

R sentences 1

R sentences 2

R sentences 3

R sentences 4

R sentences 5

Initial /r/ Tic Tac Toe Contributed by Linda Grant.  Posted 1/26/14.
Initial /r/ TicTacToe 
Medial and Final  /r/ Tic Tac Toe Contributed by Linda Grant.  Posted 3/2/14.
Medial /r/ TicTacToe
Final /r/ TicTacToe
 I have....Who has?  /r/ Contributed by Linda Grant.  Posted 3/2/14.
I have Who has /r/
I have Who has /r/2
I have Who has directions
/r/ Sentences Contributed by Aissa Innskeep.  Posted 11/13/16.R Sentences

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