Winter Themes

Winter Season Board Games by Sarah Patton. Use game piece markers, die or spinner, and stimulus

materials for each student. This open-ended activity can be used with mixed groups on all kinds

of skills. Posted 12/4/06.



Vocabulary Cards for THE JACKET I WEAR IN THE SNOW. Use these cards to introduce story vocabulary,

match to illustrations in the book, and for sequencing activities. Print 2 sets for matching and memory games.

From Jenny House. Posted 1/8/07.

Jacket I Wear in the Snow
Winter Lotto from Gretchen Curtis. For lotto games, print 2 copies of each board, cut one apart for matching cards. Posted 1/26/07.
Winter Time Rebus Story  Symbol-text fill-in-the-blank activity. Posted 11/21/05.
Winter Time
Winter Articulation Practice Page  by Margaret Connors. Posted 2/8/07.
Winter Artic Practice
Snowman Game for artic, language, and/or fluency practice.
Snowman Directions
Winter Holiday Bingo for articulation, language, and fluency. Created by Cynthia McClure. Posted 11/20/07.
Winter Bingo1
Winter Bingo2
Winter Bingo3
Winter Bingo4
Winter Activity Match Game Students match activities with related items. Created by Diane Holmes. Posted 12/7/07.
Let's Play
Let's Play Pictures

Mitten Description Colorful pairs of mittens are used to elicit adjectives in phrases and sentences. Directions

included with the materials. Created by Heather Vanh. Posted 12/29/07.

Mittens Description

Snowflake Prepositions Colorful pictures elicit winter object names and prepositions. Directions included with materials.

Created by Heather Vanh. Posted 12/29/07.

Snowflake Prepositions

Winter /s/ Blend Practice from Tracy Boyd. Print as a single copy and use "as is" or cut the stimulus

cards apart for programmed sentence practice. Print 2 copies to play Go Fish and Memory.

I Spy Winter
Big/Little Winter Homework from Angie Schultz.  Posted 3/16/09.
Big/Little WinterHW
Visual Supports for "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" by Shirley Neitzel.  Contributed by Susan Hartzell.  Posted 12/9/10.
Jacket I Wear in the Snow1
Winter Sentence Scramble   Posted 2/23/11.
Winter Sentence Scramble
Snowman Comparison Materials with symbol/text sentence strips to facilitate language.   Posted 2/23/11.
Snowman Comparison1
Snowman Comparison2
Snowman Comparison3
Snowman Comparison4
Snowman Sentences

Christmas Card Game for language practice. Posted 11/28/05.
Rudolph Card Game for artic and language. Posted 11/20/05.
Rudolph Cards1
Rudolph Cards2
Christmas Scavenger Hunt for practicing labeling and matching pictures to objects in a fun, family context. Posted 12/2/05.
Symbols for Song "Must Be Santa" Posted 1/5/06.
Must Be Santa
Special Night
Christmas Board Game for use with any articulation cards or materials. By Jennifer Wetter. Posted 9/24/06.
Christmas Open-Ended Board Game
Christmas Game Board by Nancy Appletoft. Posted 10/11/06.
Christmas Game Board

Christmas Memory Cards Use to play 5 different games for receptive and expressive language at the word

and sentence level. Posted 12/13/06.

Christmas Memory

Speaking of

Winter Thematic Units

Christmas Preposition Worksheet Students follow directions with prepositions. Posted 12/4/06.
Christmas Prep Directions
Christmas Prep Page
Christmas Sequence Cards
Christmas Sequence
Holiday Gift Review Activity
Gift Review Directions
Gift Description1
Gift Description2
Gift Description3
Gift Description4
Gift Description5
Favorite Holiday Gift
Gingerbread Activities Reposted 11/5/07.
Gingerbread ColorBook1
Gingerbread ColorBook2
Gingerbread ColorCover
Gingerbread Numbers1
Gingerbread Numbers2
Gingerbread Story Symbols
Gingerbread Switch Symbols
Christmas Songs in Symbols Created by Deidre Dobbels. Posted 12/2/07.
Santa Town1
Santa Town2
Santa Town3
Santa Town4
Wish You Merry
Christmas Match by Chantanna Lewis. Posted 3/19/08.
Christmas Match
Christmas /s/ Words Created by Kristen Powers.  Posted 1/25/09.
Christmas /s/ Words
Christmas Vocabulary Game Board Created by Kristen Powers. Posted 1/25/09
Christmas Vocab Game Board 

Christmas Senses  Use the board to create holiday poems.  For children who cannot write, let them choose

a word to complete the sentence from a set of pictures that you provide and then paste the picture in the

blank box.  For children who can write, let them write a word to complete the sentence.  Then, if possible,

have the children read the poems out loud.  Created by Jennifer Kupchik.  Posted 9/13/09.

Christmas Senses
Christmas Trivia  Created by Valerie Hannah.  Posted 12/14/09.
Christmas Trivia
Christmas Shopping Materials For older Life Skills students.  Created by Julie Celek.  Posted 12/14/09.
Christmas shopping activity directions
Christmas shopping big icons
Christmas shopping big icons2
Christmas shopping icons
Christmas shopping list activity

Christmas Sentence Completion Print out worksheets and have your students either say or write the

correct answers. The multiple choices answer sheets are provided to assist students who may have

difficulty. Created by Jennifer S. Kupchik-Spinelli .  Posted 12/14/09.

Multiple choice options1
Multiple choice options2
Multiple choice options3
Multiple choice options4
Multiple choice options5
Christmas WH Questions & Vocabulary  Created by Ashley Berner.  Posted 12/14/09.
WH Questions & Vocab
Hide the Picture Christmas Activity to reinforce artic, vocabulary, and grammar.  Posted 12/3/10.
Hide the Picture 1
Hide the Picture2 sentence strips
Hide the Picture3 Directions
Christmas Tree Cover-Up Activity.  Posted 12/9/10.
Christmas Tree CoverUp
Christmas Tree CoverUp Directions

Guess Who Santa Game (3 levels of challenge).  You need to print out 3 sheets for each level- 

2 for the game boards and 1 to cut apart for your Santa selection.   It is a wonderful game to

use for categories, asking questions, receptive and expressive language, and great for those

articulation carryover kids.  Created by Mary Caldwell.  Posted 12/9/10.

Guess Who Santa Advanced
Guess Who Santa Easy
Guess Who Santa Easiest 
Christmas /s/ Words  by Christine Taylor. Posted 12/21/10.
Christmas /s/ Words
Elf on the Shelf Game by Jessica Curry.  Posted 12/15/11.
Elf on the Shelf1
Elf on the Shelf2
Elf on the Shelf3
Elf on the Shelf4
Elf on the Shelf5
Elf on the Shelf6
Elf on the Shelf Directions 
Christmas Blends and Clusters Artic Practice by Bea Wade. Posted 12/21/10.
Christmas Vocabulary Blends
Christmas Tree Game by Jessica Curry.  Posted 12/15/11.
Christmas Sequence Rules
Christmas Tree Game1
Christmas Tree Game2
Christmas Tree Game3
Christmas Tree Game4
Christmas Tree Game6
Christmas Tree Game7
Christmas Tree Game8
Christmas Tree Layout Board
Christmas Presents Game by Jessica Curry.  Posted 12/15/11.

Decorate the Tree  Carrier phrase and vocabulary for artic and language practice. Created by Pat Mervine.

Posted 11/12/12.

Decorate the Tree

Holiday Compare and Contrast  Students give assigned number of similarities and differences for each pair of

symbols.  Created by Pat Mervine.  Posted 11/12/12.

Holiday Compare and Contrast

Santa Artic Sentences about all the things that Santa does. Use for artic and language practice.  

Created by Pat Mervine. Posted 11/12/12.

Santa Artic
Santa Possessive Practice  for artic and pronoun "his." Created by Pat Mervine.  Posted 11/12/12.
Santa Possessive
Christmas Lotto Game by Poppy Welsh.  Posted 1/25/16.
Christmas Lotto

Articulation Carryover for December Created by Amy Werrett.  Posted 12/11/16.Articulation Carryover
Holiday Opposites Activity  Created by Amy Werrett.  Posted 12/11/16.Holiday Opposites Activity
Christmas Synonyms Created by Amy Werrett.  Posted 12/11/16.Christmas Synonyms
I Went Walking Christmas  Created by Rosemarie Griffin.  Posted 12/11/16I Went Walking Christmas

Elf on the Shelf Prepositions  Print slides on card stock, use first slides to illustrate, then use other slides 

as a manipulable activity.  Created by Jenai Carroll.  Posted 12/19/16.

Elf on the Shelf Prepositions

Hanukkah Lotto for vocabulary development and symbol matching. From Gretchen Curtis. Posted 7/19/07.

New Year's

My New Year’s Resolution for Speech  Use these when the students get back to school after the

winter holiday break.  Talk about what resolutions are and try to come up something specific that they

want to work on in speech.  They may pick a speech sound, or they may choose something more

general, like "be a better friend."  Mount them all on a poster so they can remember them all year. 

Contributed by Erin Weddle.  Posted 12/14/09.

My New Year's Resolution for Speech 
New Year's Bingo   Posted 12/14/09.New Year's Bingo1
New Year's Bingo2
New Year's Bingo3

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